One mile of border wall built over the weekend in surprise secret project led by Steve Bannon

A group chaired by former White House chief strategist Steve Bannon accomplished over the weekend what the Nancy Pelosi-led House has all but refused to do — build a wall on the southern border.

The group, We Build the Wall, was started by Brian Kolfage, a Purple Heart recipient triple amputee veteran, and has raised more than $22 million through GoFundMe. In a “secret project,” as reported by Yahoo News, the group constructed a mile-long wall of metal slats along the border with Mexico.


The project, overseen by construction mogul Tommy Fisher of North Dakota-based Fisher Industries, began Friday evening and was completed by Monday morning, a display of efficiency government contractors could never hope to match.

The overall cost was $6 million, with hundreds of workers employed, according to Bannon.

Kolfage shared a video of the construction project on the group’s Facebook page:


WE DID IT!!! First privately funded wall is nearly complete!

DONATE NOW to fund more walls! We have many more projects lined up!


Posted by Brian Kolfage on Monday, May 27, 2019


We Build the Wall hastily “purchased the rights” to the private land and got to work right away.

“We had to catch them by surprise,” Bannon said, according to Yahoo News.

It’s not hard to imagine the response that could have been expected from the open border left, had they known of the project ahead of time — visions of social justice warriors chaining themselves to bulldozers easily come to mind.

Local authorities reportedly pointed to the dangerous one mile gap between two 21-mile sections of completed wall “where the cartels and asylum seekers are coming in,” when asked by the group.

“Border Patrol told us it’s the No. 1 most important miles to close. The tough terrain always left it off the government list,” Bannon told CNN. “And that’s what we focus on — private land that is not in the program and take the toughest first.”

Former Kansas secretary of state Kris Kobach is general counsel for We Build the Wall, and he spoke to CNN Monday evening.

“It’s amazing to me how crowdfunding can successfully raise a lot of money, and how many Americans care about this,” said Kobach, who was identified by the network as an “immigration hardliner.”

He told CNN the area is a “gap that needed to be filled” to help stop drug smuggling and human trafficking.

“The whole idea is we want to supplement and complement what the federal government is doing,” Kobach said. “We can complement it by closing the gap and making that wall in El Paso that much more effective.”

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