Chick-fil-A customers climb into drive-thru window to escape impending tornado

Customers at an Oklahoma Chick-fil-A climbed through the drive-thru window when they feared they were facing an impending tornado.

Video footage from the Oklahoma City location of the fast food restaurant captured two people scrambling to get inside the building through the drive-thru window on Friday as winds picked up outside, KFOR reported.

(Video: KFOR)

Opening the door to her car, the driver climbed up and through the window followed by her passenger as employees inside motioned for them to get out of the car and come in for shelter, fearing a tornado was touching down.

Security footage from cameras within the Chick-fil-A showed the two people along with employees and other customers taking cover further inside the restaurant.

Although officials confirmed to KFOR that a possible tornado was in the area at the time the video was taken, no injuries were reported.

Powerful storms and flooding have “killed at least nine people since Friday and injured dozens more. Downed trees and power lines were reported elsewhere in Oklahoma City this weekend, and the Oklahoma State Fairgrounds in the northwest were also damaged,” according to Newsweek.

An powerful tornado ripped through El Reno, about 30 miles west of Oklahoma City, on Saturday, killing two people and injuring over two dozen others as it tore the top floor off of the American Budget Value Inn and destroyed the Skyview Mobile Home Park.

The National Weather Service on Monday warned of an “enhanced risk” of tornadoes in parts of Illinois, Indiana and Nebraska.

Chick-fil-A made headlines for another reason recently as the U.S. Department of Transportation announced an investigation into whether federal law or transportation regulations were violated by two airports which would not issue a contract to the fast-food chicken chain on religious grounds.

“The Department has received complaints alleging discrimination by two airport operators against a private company due to the expression of the owner’s religious beliefs,” DOT said in a statement. “FAA’s Office of Civil Rights has notified the San Antonio International Airport (SAT) and Buffalo Niagara International Airport (BUF) that it has opened investigations into these complaints.”

“FAA notes that Federal requirements prohibit airport operators from excluding persons on the basis of religious creed from participating in airport activities that receive or benefit from FAA grant funding,” DOT’s statement continued. “The findings of the investigations will be communicated to the complainants once the investigations are completed.”

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