Actress accuses Twitter of promoting Conservatives, flips over Joy Villa’s loving non-political Memorial Day tweet

Screen captures … Actress Patricia Arquette and recording artist Joy Villa … Credits: Hollywood Post and Late Show with Stephen Colbert

Radical left-wing actress Patricia Arquette chose the familiar, self-righteous, “triggered” response when she found a tweet from conservative, pro-life recording artist Joy Villa in her timeline on Sunday.

Villa’s open tweet said: “I just love you all. Hope you feel it throughout this beautiful #MemorialDayWeekend weekend!”

Arquette, who was offended by the well-wishes, asked Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey if right-wing people were now being pushed. Her tweet read: “Why is this on my timeline? I don’t follow her and no one I do follow retweeted her. Nor does it say promoted. @jack is @twitter pushing right-wing people now?”

An interesting insight worth mentioning … earlier this year the actress, before the Russia investigation was concluded, said on late night TV that she had a Robert Mueller devotional candle.

Arquette followed that initial “triggered” tweet with another that said, “This is why I will be participating in the twitter fast. Right wing accounts being pushed.”

For those who are wondering, a Twitter fast is when someone decides they are going to try to go without Twitter for a period of time … and usually that means someone who is a hardcore Twitter addict and realizes they need a break. But a Twitter fast can also mean a boycott of Twitter in protest of some perceived outrage or a simple fit of anger.

In this case, we can at least hope that Arquette’s affinity for tweeting liberal gibberish will come to a halt. Imagine if she somehow discovered, instead of finding refuge for her narrow views within her carefully managed twitter domain, that there’s a whole wide world out there beyond the liberal bubble.

Of note … apparently, an organized Twitter fast was called by someone to begin at midnight last night, though most people were unaware of the details and Twitter successfully hid any references in “search.”

Villa did reply nicely when she posted, “Ok, but why does this offend you? You once commented positively on a post of mine. I love and respect your work, and it’s sad to see another woman throw down against me simply for having a different political perspective. Ps the original post was about love, I send you love.”

As for how Villa’s tweet appeared on Arquette’s timeline in the first place, Arquette had herself earlier used the hashtag #MemorialDayWeekend, tweeting, “I’m sending prayers this #MemorialDayWeekend to those who lost their lives. I am also sending love and support to their families who suffered an immeasurable blow.”

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