‘I love you, Nancy Pelosi’: MSNBC takes Democrat-worship to an awkward place

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Screen captures … Joe Scarborough, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, Donny Deutsch … Credits: MSNBC, PBS

When leftists get religion, it looks pretty much like MSNBC’s Donny Deutsch when he looks into the camera and declares his creepy love for Nancy Pelosi.

The correlative of overt, in-your-face hatred of all things Trumpian is complete devotion to leftist figureheads, and Deutsch demonstrated that theology Friday on “Morning Joe.”

“What’s so great about Nancy Pelosi is she’s not running for president, but she is to me, even more so than any of the candidates, the greatest weapon in the world,” said Deutsch. “If that back and forth continues through 2020 — Nancy versus Donald, Nancy is the Democrat, Donald is the Republican — she will do more damage to him than any other candidate.”

“I love this because there is a competent, bright, dynamic, strong woman against a frightened, frail, weakened, clearly out-of-it man,” he claimed.

What? Perhaps it’s a declaration of faith in things unseen?

“And so to me, once again, this is Nancy Pelosi now 2-0 versus Trump,” he continued. “If we go back to the shutdown, that was Trump’s most stunning, clear ‘L’ on the head, courtesy of Nancy Pelosi. And the more he engages with this superior adversary, the more she kind of just paves the way for the candidates to come in. I love you, Nancy Pelosi.”

If you have the stomach for it, watch here …

Video by MSNBC

Feel free to run to run to the toilet at this point if you have the need.

The leftist media is fond of painting conservatives as the ones who venerate certain politicians but it cannot be any more clear that there is no more reverential congregation of adulators than the CNN and MSNBC church of broadcasters.

The “Morning Joe” group were discussing the so-called emotional demise of Trump over the years. Joe Scarborough took his turn in praising the House Speaker and denigrating the President. “He’s changed a great deal mentally and psychologically,” he said. “Emotionally he’s much more frail and fragile. He just is. And again, it’s so funny, whenever we say this, people are like, ‘you’re acting like a doctor.’ I’m not acting like a doctor. Look at Donald in 1988, 1989, and look at his ‘Today’ show clips. Look at him now. He can’t complete sentences without repeating himself. When we talked to him during the campaign and even during the transition, he would sit there for an hour and repeat the same stories over and over again. And Nancy Pelosi is probably the sharpest, most effective Speaker probably since Sam Rayburn. History will surely mark it down that way. I don’t know if he’s projecting, confessing, or whenever he’s doing but it looks especially bad on Donald Trump.”

“It’s interesting, for my new show “Saturday Night Politics,” I was looking at an hour interview I did in 2007 with Trump and there is, even in 2007, a difference in the cadence,” said Deutsch. “You could see it, you could see it in his eyes. Joe, to your point, not playing doctor, that is a guy who has lost a lot.”

He went on to contrast his view of the almighty Speaker Pelosi and his undying commitment to her.

The offering plate was surely passed around after the commercial break.

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