Dr. Drew describes the ‘nightmare’ that California’s become, makes dire prediction for summer

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Celebrity doctor Drew Pinsky warned of a deadly epidemic that could strike Los Angeles this summer and he believes local politicians will be to blame.

The addiction medicine specialist and radio host gave listeners a terrifying “prediction” Thursday on Fox News Radio’s “The Brian Kilmeade Show,” which also airs on Fox Nation.

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“I live in the great state of California, the utopia that is California, which is a nightmare,” Pinsky said, discussing the horrific conditions in Los Angeles as the growth of the homeless population and untended trash threaten the nation’s second-largest city.

“I want to give you a prediction here. There will be a major infectious disease epidemic this summer in Los Angeles,” he said.

“We have tens and tens of thousands of people living in tents. Horrible conditions. Sanitation. Rats have taken over the city,” he told Kilmeade. “We’re the only city in the country, Los Angeles, without a rodent control program. We have multiple rodent-borne, flea-borne illnesses, plague, typhus. We’re gonna have louse-borne illness. If measles breaks into that population, we have tuberculosis exploding.”

“Literally, our politicians are like Nero. It’s worse than Nero,” the “Loveline” and “Celebrity Rehab” doctor added, referring to the Roman Emperor who was believed to have played the fiddle during the Great Fire of Rome in 64 AD.

Despite efforts last October by Los Angeles officials to clean up the trash which had led to several cases of flea-borne typhus, garbage has accumulated again. The trash heaps attract rats and other rodents which can carry the diseased fleas, potentially infecting humans who come in contact with them.

California’s newly elected Gov. Gavin Newsom was shocked by the homeless levels in the state and announced his plans this week to launch a task force in order to “find solutions.”

“These are jaw-dropping numbers,” the Democrat said at a news conference Tuesday, announcing the task force which will use $1 billion of taxpayer funds.

Donald Trump Jr. offered residents a better solution in a tweet slamming Newsom’s plan.

Last year, Los Angeles launched a half-million dollar pilot program to deal with its rampant homeless population,  paying homeowners to build shelters in their backyard to be occupied by the homeless. A cleanup of one of California’s homeless camps last year along the Santa Ana River in Anaheim uncovered 404 tons of trash, over 13,000 hypodermic needles and more than 5,000 pounds of hazardous human waste.

Newsom’s task force is pointless political posturing as the homelessness crisis in his state was likely brought about by left-wing lawmakers. Pinsky countered that politicians are, in fact, doing nothing in the face of the health crisis and are not preparing for what could soon be an epidemic that will hit the mentally ill the hardest.

“It’s like nothing I’ve ever seen in my life,” Pinsky said. “I feel like I’m on a train track waving at the train and the train is going to go off the bridge. The bridge is out.”

“Here’s what I want to do,” he added. “I want to take away qualified immunity from the politicians so we can go after them for reckless negligence.”

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