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DHS releases shocking percentage of illegal immigrant families released into US, ‘rewarded’ with work permits

children being rented illegal families
Border Patrol: Many of the illegal immigrant “families” apprehended at the border are not real families. Children are being rented as props. (screenshot)

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Acting Homeland Security Secretary Kevin McAleenan said that “100%” of illegal immigrant families being apprehended at the US border are being released into the country instead of being deported.

After a month or two, they’re also given work permits, the Washington Times reported. This allows them to remain in the United States even though they jumped the line ahead of other aspiring immigrants who are patiently waiting their turn.

Illegals are jumping line ahead of those who play by rules

In other words, these illegal aliens are being rewarded for breaking the law while those who play by the rules get shafted. And it’s all thanks to open-borders Democrats, who are trying to flood the United States with unskilled, third-world migrants in order to increase their voting bloc.

This fecklessness is emboldening human smugglers in Mexico and across Central America to keep smuggling people into the U.S. “That is directly how smugglers are advertising,” Acting Homeland Security Secretary Kevin McAleenan told the Senate Homeland Security Committee this week.

In 2012, only about 10,000 migrants were apprehended by Border Patrol trying to sneak across the border as “families.” During the past two months alone, that number has surged to 111,679 people. That’s an 11-fold spike.

Many illegal migrant ‘families’ are fake families

However, as BizPac Review reported, many of those “families” are not real families. Investigations show that children are being “rented.”

This is because of an alarming trend where human traffickers recycle unaccompanied children and use them as props so that a group of migrants can pose as a “family,” since being a family unit increases the chances that they will be granted asylum.

(Source: Epoch Times)

Children are being ‘rented’ as props at illegal border crossings

President Trump wants to discourage illegal aliens from using children as props in order to jump the line ahead of legal immigrants. But Democrats (and some Republicans) oppose the plan because they’re worried about left-wing public outrage.

Trump’s senior policy adviser Stephen Miller and ICE Deputy Director Matthew Albence both support this plan, saying detaining and deporting illegal-alien families would stem the avalanche of faux “families” stampeding toward the US border to demand entry.

The alternative to deporting these “families” is letting them loose across the country, where they live in the shadows, do not contribute to the economy by paying taxes, but are able to collect welfare and even vote.

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welfare use by immigrants and native households chart

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