DA releases harrowing footage of cop being threatened by chain-wielding man yelling about Trump

While anti-cop leftists will find cause to criticize a police officer’s actions, his body camera captured precisely what he was up against as a thug approached him while swinging a 4-foot-long metal chain.

The fact that alleged assailant was black and was insulting President Donald Trump as he aggressively came at the cop will surely lead some to blame the president for what transpired.

“Trump is the devil,” the suspect, Vaughn Denham, is heard saying on the video.

Needless to say, things didn’t turn out well for Denham, who was given every possible chance to do the right thing.

San Diego Police received a 911 call last year that Denham, 48, attacked another man with a machete, resulting in serious injuries to the man’s head and torso, according to the local CBS affiliate. The San Diego District Attorney’s office just released the video on Wednesday after concluding its review.

Officer Corey Pitts responded to the call and as he was getting out of his patrol car, Denham ran up with a metal chain and struck the patrol car, CBS 8 reported.

After getting out of his vehicle, Pitts tased Denham to no effect and then pulled his service weapon.

Caution: Disturbing footage.


He repeatedly ordered Denham to drop the chain, but the thug kept coming at him, as seen on Pitt’s body cam.

“You better get down or I’m going to shoot you!” Pitts screamed. “Do you understand that?”

Retreating for a “block and a half,” the officer again and again commanded Denham to get on the ground and drop the chain.

All the while Denham swung the chain and aggressively proceeded toward him while ranting. At one point he tells Officer Pitts that he only wants to shoot him because he’s black.

Left with no other alternative and the suspect getting dangerously close, the officer opened fire, striking Denham with two shots.

He would later die at a local hospital. Toxicology results showed PCP, marijuana and methamphetamine in his system.

On a positive note, Officer Pitts suffered no injuries

And while you can take nothing for granted in post-Obama America, a review of the cops actions by the district attorney cleared Pitts of any wrongdoing.

“Based on these circumstances, Pitts fired at Denham in his own defense,” the review concluded. “He therefore bears no state criminal liability for his actions.”

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