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Trump calls out ‘mess’ Pelosi for lying about his ‘demeanor’ during infrastructure meeting, calls up witnesses to prove it

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President Donald Trump called out Democrats and specifically Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) in an explosive press conference at the White House on Thursday.

Trump spoke about a variety of issues, but the main focus of the press conference was to announce billions of dollars in aid for American farmers.


Trump opened the press conference by referring to his recent meeting with Pelosi and other Democrats over infrastructure. The actual meeting lasted only minutes and the president held a press conference after explaining that he would not work with the Democrats if they kept their focus on fruitless investigations into him and his administration.

Trump said to end the “phony investigations” so the country can move forward. Democrats responded by calling out his actions during the meeting. Pelosi told press that the president was not “respectful” in the meeting and she said she was praying for him and the United States of America.

Those words did not sit well with Trump. At his Thursday press conference, he called out Democrats and the media for often misrepresenting his demeanor.

“Every time I go into a room, if there aren’t cameras, they come out and say, ‘oh, he was yelling. He was screaming,'” said the president. He then asked Kellyanne Conway to explain his “demeanor” to the press as she was in the actual meeting.

Conway said the president was “very calm” and there was no temper-tantrum as critics would like people to believe.

“Mr. President, why would you have to raise your voice?” Conway rhetorically asked at one point.

Trump also asked White House Director of Strategic Communications Mercedes Schlapp to explain his demeanor in the infrastructure meeting, as she was also in the meeting.

“You were very calm and very direct,” she said.

Source: Fox News

Director of the United States National Economic Council Larry Kudlow also spoke and reiterated that the president was “very calm” during his meeting with Democrats.

“You made your case,” he said, adding that Democrats like Pelosi said nothing during the meeting.

White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders also stepped forward to contradict Pelosi and other Democrats.

Sanders said Trump was “very calm” and earned a laugh from the room when she added that she’s “seen both” sides from the president.

Trump then called Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-NY) “crying Chuck” over his reaction to the meeting and he stopped short of calling Pelosi “crazy Nancy.”

“I don’t want to say ‘crazy Nancy’ because if I say that, you’re going to say it’s a copy of ‘crazy Bernie’ and that’s no good because Bernie is definitely crazy,” Trump said.

Trump took things a step further at one point and accused Pelosi of not understanding his policies, specifically his trade deal policies.

“I don’t think she’s capable right now of understanding it,” he said of a trade deal with Mexico and Canada. “I think she’s got a lot of problems.” He also called Pelosi a “mess.”

“The whole Democrat Party is very messed up,” he added, explaining that he walked out of the infrastructure meeting because Democrats can’t go down “two tracks” at once, meaning balancing working with the president while also investigating him and calling for his impeachment.


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