Pelosi claims to ‘pray’ for Trump, wishes family would have ‘intervention’ as war-of-words escalates

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi says she’s worried about President Trump.

The California Democrat continued to goad the president Thursday morning as she offered her medical assessment and called for his family to stage an “intervention.”

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Just one day after she accused the president of the United States of being involved in a “cover-up” and angering Trump into prematurely cutting off a meeting to discuss infrastructure spending, Pelosi was at it again. This time, she had the audacity to say “I pray for the president” as she characterized him as being less than mentally stable.

“I wish that his family or his administration or his staff would have an intervention for the good of the country,” she told reporters at a news conference in the Capitol, calling his anger over their game-playing another “temper tantrum.”

Trump unleashed a scathing rebuke of Democrats after he canceled the meeting on Wednesday, demanding the that the “phony investigations” end if they want to have meaningful policy progress.

“I don’t do cover-ups,” Trump said, referring to Pelosi’s claim just hours before as she emerged from a closed-door meeting with Congressional Democrats to accuse him of covering up something.

She took to Twitter later, not to clarify her remarks or move toward common ground with the president after their failed meeting, but to reiterate her claims that Trump is engaged in an “unprecedented cover-up campaign of the facts.”

Pelosi continued her speculation during Thursday’s press conference, laying out one remark after another without any evidence as if it was established fact, saying Trump was “not up to the task” of figuring out the budget they were set to discuss.

“He pulled a stunt,” Pelosi said. “The president has a bag of tricks and the White House has a bag of tricks that they save for certain occasions. They don’t necessarily apply to the occasion, but they’re a distraction.”

“What really got to him was these court cases and the House Democratic Caucus has not passed impeachment and that’s where he wants us to be,” she said.

Trump fired back at Democrats’ portrayal of his behavior at Wednesday’s meeting, tweeting out that he was “extremely calm” and pushing back against the “Rage narrative.”

Meanwhile, it wasn’t that long ago when even Democrats were questioning the ability of the 79-year-old Pelosi to even serve as House Speaker with more than a dozen Democrats signing a letter last year saying they would not support the lawmaker who served as the first female Speaker of the House from 2007 to 2011.

Of course, while Pelosi has repeatedly slammed Trump’s mental fortitude, it was her own track record of stammering, wandering remarks that came to mind after her latest personal attack.

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