Left’s ‘gotcha’ when Trump’s presser notes are spotted falls pathetically flat

WASHINGTON, DC - MAY 22: President Donald Trump walks up to speak about Robert Mueller's investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election in the Rose Garden at the White House May 22, 2019 in Washington, DC. Trump responded to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi saying he was engaged in a cover up. (Photo by Mark Wilson/Getty Images)
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Instead of providing any fair and meaningful analysis of Wednesday’s failed infrastructure meeting between President Donald Trump and congressional Democrat leaders, some in the media took to downplaying the president’s concerns and mocking his allegedly poor spelling.

As previously reported, just prior to the meeting House Speaker Nancy Pelosi delivered a statement to the media accusing the president of engaging in some clandestine “cover-up.”

This angered the president, so he effectively cancelled the meeting and issued his own statement to the press, stating bluntly that he will not sit with congressional Democrats to discuss infrastructure until they cut the crap and stop with all the unfounded conspiracy theories.


This left the media with two options. The first was to simply report what had happened and outline the concerns of each side: The president feels as if congressional Democrats are operating a “witch hunt” against him, while congressional Democrats feel as if he’s hiding something. The second option was to distort the truth and talk trash. Which option do you suppose the virulently left-wing media chose?

The media’s headlines speak for themselves:

The New York Times: “Stephen Colbert Pokes Fun at Trump’s 3-Minute Meeting With Nancy Pelosi”

USA Today: “Nancy Pelosi on Donald Trump blowup in the Rose Garden: ‘He had a temper tantrum'”

Vanity Fair: “How Nancy Pelosi Humiliated Trump on Infrastructure Week”

And then there’s The Washington Post, which went so far as to accuse the president of being an illiterate boob who can’t spell correctly. As evidence, the Post presented a photograph of a piece of paper full of notes that the president had carried with him to the podium Wednesday.


The Post’s far-left base bought the claim hook, line and sinker.


Was that what the president actually wrote, though?

Take a look at a rotated close-up and decide for yourself:

You can’t really tell, can you? The image is blurry, and the president admittedly doesn’t have the best handwriting. It’s very possible that the word just looks like “achomlishments” because some of the letters were overlapping one another, which can happen when you write in a hurry.

These caveats weren’t noted to The Washington Post’s radical audience. Nor were the paper’s readers informed that the president has previously spelled accomplishments just fine.

Case in point:


For one to believe that he misspelled accomplishments, one would also have to believe that Trump somehow forgot how to spell a word he’d previously spelled accurately dozens of times.

The very idea is so out there and conspiratorial that it’d be hard for the average person to believe that an allegedly credible newspaper spouted it. But to those who are aware of the Post’s radicalism and bias, it wouldn’t be difficult to believe at all. It’s just par for the course, after all.

Misspellings or not, President Trump’s priorities are clear by the substance of the notes:

In an accompanying report, the Post downplayed the president’s concerns about the Democrats’ “witch hunt” but made sure to overplay the Democrats’ concerns about a “cover-up”:

“Trump — who with his allies is actively working to block more than 20 separate investigations by Democrats — called himself ‘the most transparent president, probably, in the history of this country,’ and said he had been ready to discuss infrastructure and other priorities before Pelosi’s remark.”

Nowhere in the piece was there any mention of the facts that special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation has concluded, that congressional Democrats have been offered the chance to read Mueller’s full report and that these same congressional Democrats have refused to read it.


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