De Blasio announces he is boycotting McDonald’s over low wages, is immediately mocked: ‘more fries and Big Macs for me’

Bill De Blasio is maybe the most embarrassing Democrat currently running for president and that is really saying something. In a desperate attempt to prove his leftism, De Blasio announced on Thursday at a campaign stop that he is bravely boycotting the fast food chain McDonald’s over low wages.

De Blasio told a crowd in Des Moines, Iowa that he and his campaign staff will not eat at a McDonald’s until the company agrees to pay a minimum of $15 an hour to every employee.

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“We’re not going to McDonald’s anymore until McDonald’s addresses these issues! No one from my campaign is going to McDonald’s anymore until McDonald’s respects working people,” the unpopular New York City mayor said.

De Blasio joined several dozen people on Thursday — all members of the Service Employees International Union — at a protest outside of a McDonald’s restaurant.

To prove how serious the campaign is, campaign treasurer Jon Paul Lupo tweeted back at Politico after they asked how often De Blasio eats McDonald’s.

“I can’t speak for him…but I definitely go too much. That stops today! #FightFor15,” Lupo wrote.

To put De Blasio’s little protest into context, his campaign is made up of a whopping six people.

De Blasio stood outside of the McDonald’s restaurant with a shirt that read “unions for all.” You can check out his sad attempt to appeal to the common man below:

He led the protestors at one point in a chant saying, “We’re not going to McDonald’s anymore. Hell no, we won’t go.” He even told the crowd that the fast food chain shareholders could hear them all the way in Dallas, Texas.

De Blasio’s new position, which many other 2020 Democrats share, was met with about the same level of excitement as everything else that leaves the mayor’s mouth.

“Never again will Mayor Bill de Blasio eat in a McDonalds while listening to ska,” tweeted one user in response to the news.

“I’ll go to McDonald’s more now,” wrote another.

“Keep pushing the 15 dollars and more kiosks will show up in stores than employees,” responded another, referring to McDonald’s recent experiment with automating orders and cutting down on the amount of needed employees.

Yet another replied to the news, “More fries and Big Macs for me.”

And another responded, “You should probably fill out a job application while you’re there.”

Check out some more hilarious reactions below:

You can also check out a video of De Blasio pandering at the protest below:

The mayor even tweeted the massive fast food chain and said they have been “put on notice.”

Julian Castro, another Democrat running for president, also marched with protesting McDonald’s employees in Durham, North Carolina on Thursday.

“We’re here to tell McDonald’s that it’s not acceptable to pay workers a wage they can’t live on,” he said.

Elizabeth Warren, yet another Democrat trying to challenge President Donald Trump in 2020, also met with protesters outside of a Massachusetts McDonald’s and handed out doughnuts.

“When workers fight, workers win,” she told the crowd.

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