Dem lawmakers lose it at pro-abortion rally: pro-life policies are ‘racist and sexist’

Various Democrat lawmakers tried to capitalize on the raging abortion debate on Tuesday by throwing around some pretty inflammatory language at pro-abortion rallies taking place in cities across the United States.

Dubbed the “Stop the Bans” day of action, protestors took to the streets in cities like Philadelphia and Washington D.C. to object to recent pro-life bills being signed into law in states like Alabama and Georgia.

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Rep. Mazie Hirono (D-HI) told protestors that she had spoken to a group of eighth grade girls before the rally and told them that their abortion rights are under attack.

“I just left several eighth grade girls from a public school in Hawaii and I told them that I was coming to a rally in front of the Supreme Court and they said, ‘why?'” Hirono told a crowd in D.C.

The congresswoman went on to say that she asked the group of eighth grade girls if the government should be telling them “when and if” they want to have babies.

“Not a single one of them raised their hand,” Hirono said to applause. Hirono said she posed the same question to a group of eighth grade boys and they responded in the same fashion.

No matter where you fall on the abortion debate, it’s probably best to not let eighth grade kids help decide your position. Check out Hirono’s comments below:

Taking things a step further, Rep. Donna Shalala (D-FL) said she believes pro-life policies are “racist and sexist.”

“Abortion rights are human rights,” Shalala told the gathered crowd. “We won’t go back.”

She continued, “this is about women’s freedom. This is about women’s healthcare. We will protect safe, legal abortions and we will protect access to abortions.”

She then predictably targeted President Donald Trump by slamming his position on abortion as “racist and sexist.”

Source: Fox News

“Mr. President, your position on abortion is racist and sexist,” she said. It’s an odd choice to target the president since the pro-life laws that have pro-abortion activists worried have occurred on a state level and had almost nothing to do with the president. While many state lawmakers have said the ultimate goal is to make it to the Supreme Court to get Roe v. Wade overturned, Trump has not made that position central to his policies. Attacking him shows just how desperate and pandering lawmakers like Shalala are being.

Rep. Jackie Speier (D-CA) also spoke to the D.C. crowd and earned big applause when she said that she once had an abortion.

“Today, I am here to say, ‘you know me.’ I am one of the one in four women in this country who have had an abortion,” she said. “We are not strangers. We are wives. We are mothers. We are sisters. And we will not be stigmatized.”

Groups that helped organize Tuesday’s demonstrations include Planned Parenthood, NARAL Pro-Choice America and the Women’s March.

In a public statement announcing the events, organizers again tied state-level abortion legislation to President Trump.

“This is Trump’s anti-choice movement … and it’s terrifying, particularly for women of color and low-income women who are most affected by these bans,” organizers wrote.

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