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‘Is this legal?’ De Blasio cruises in on NYPD boat for event as police union slams him as ‘unmitigated disaster’

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Mayor Bill de Blasio continued to anger New Yorkers just hours after announcing his longshot presidential bid, raising questions of violations for using the city’s resources for his personal campaign.

After announcing his official 2020 presidential run, which was met with widespread mockery, the New York Democrat was seen arriving at a ceremony at the Statue of Liberty courtesy of a New York City Police Dept. boat.

Although billed as an official event, with the dedication of the new museum on Liberty Island, the timing of de Blasio’s appearance just hours after announcing his candidacy sparked more questions than support.

The mayor continued his attacks on President Donald Trump, declaring that he will now refer to him as “Con Don” because he is a “con-artist.”

(Video: Associated Press)

As the mockery over his presidential bid continued on Thursday, the insults even rained down from the sky as the president, unimpressed by de Blasio’s announcement, called him the “worst mayor in the United States” while flying on Air Force One.

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“I can’t believe it. I just heard that the worst mayor in the history of New York City and without question the worst mayor in the United States is now running for president,” Trump said. “It will never happen. I am pretty good at predicting things like that.”

The mayor’s anticipated announcement on Thursday landed with a thud as even his own constituents questioned why he was running. His appearance on “Good Morning America” was met with protests outside of the ABC studio and a blistering cover page on the New York Post.

New Yorkers vocally backed poll results indicating that they are not in favor of the two-term mayor’s White House bid, noting his lack of accomplishments while serving the city.

New York City’s police union also slammed the mayor’s campaign launch, denouncing his neglect for the city while predicting he would be an “unmitigated disaster” as president.

His use of police resources Thursday as he carried out official duties right after a campaign launch sparked plenty of questions and criticism.

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