Irony alert: AOC compares GOP to dopey Dwight from ‘The Office.’ Says ‘world ending in 12 years’ was just sarcasm

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Irony alert: Democrat Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez compared the GOP to the uptight character Dwight Schrute from “The Office.”

Newbie Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez — whose approval ratings have plunged due to her epic cluelessness — compared the Republican Party to the uptight, socially inept character Dwight Schrute from the sitcom “The Office.”

AOC was reacting to someone fact-checking her after she spouted yet another platitude about “taxing the rich.” For the record, the rich pay most of the taxes already.

  • The top 50% of U.S. taxpayers pay 97% of income taxes.
  • That means that the bottom 50% of taxpayers pay a combined 3%.

Ocasio-Cortez tweeted: “This is a technique of the GOP, to take dry humor + sarcasm literally and ‘fact check” it. Like the ‘world ending in 12 years’ thing, you’d have to have the social intelligence of a sea sponge to think it’s literal. But the GOP is basically Dwight from The Office so who knows.”

AOC was reacting to legitimate criticism of her trite “tax the rich” mantra.

When criticized, Ocasio-Cortez always plays the victim

One Twitter user pointed out that this is AOC’s playbook:

  • She tweets some nonsense.
  • Gets mocked for it.
  • AOC then plays the victim.
  • Left-wing media superfans blindly defend her, citing racism and sexism.

Flashback: AOC owes back taxes

Like other socialists, Ocasio Cortez demands that you pay more taxes, while she evades them.

Ocasio-Cortez ignored a July 2017 tax warrant from the state demanding payment of her delinquent taxes. “The company probably got numerous letters from the state and probably ignored them,” a New York City accountant said.

Through history, socialism has never succeeded

Ocasio Cortez ignores the dangers and historical failures of socialism. Even watching the real-time implosion of socialist Venezuela can’t convince AOC to stop championing this failed ideology.

AOC: What’s a garbage disposal?

It’s ironic for AOC to call the Republican Party clueless, since she admitted last week that she doesn’t even know what a garbage disposal is.

AOC lamented on Instagram: “I am told this is a garbage disposal. I’ve never seen a garbage disposal. I never had one in any place I’ve ever lived.”

As BizPac Review reported, AOC was raised in the tony suburb of Yorktown Heights in Westchester, New York, where the median household income is a cushy $96,000 a year.

That’s almost double the U.S. average, which is $53,000 a year.

Last year, Ocasio Cortez was a bartender at a Mexican restaurant subsisting on customers’ tips (which she probably didn’t pay taxes on). Today, she pockets $14,500 a month — courtesy of your taxpayer dollars.

Like other leftist hypocrites, AOC pays lip service to embracing socialism, despite having benefited and being enriched by capitalism.

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