Damn the rich! Elizabeth Warren’s vision for ‘executives’ includes ‘handcuffs and perp walks’

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Sen. Elizabeth Warren decided to give her sagging presidential campaign a shot in the arm by revealing her new plan for rich executives during a campaign stop.

The Massachusetts Democrat and 2020 contender continued her finger-pointing at evil corporations and executives during a stop in Kermit, W. Va. on Saturday, threatening “handcuffs and perp walks” for the guilty.

Warren made her $100 billion plan to fight against the opioid epidemic a central part of her talk in the small town of nearly 400 people in Mingo County, where four out of five voters cast their ballot for Trump in 2016.

“Today, 191 people will die from a drug overdose,” she told those gathered at the Kermit Fire & Rescue Headquarters Station. “That’s like a plane crash. And it’ll happen tomorrow. And it’ll happen the day after that and the day after that.”

She continued her theme of condemning the rich and giant corporations in Washington and Wall Street for controlling the nation’s economy as she zeroed in on greed as a major problem facing the nation.

“People didn’t get addicted all on their own, they got a lot of corporate help. They got a lot of help off of corporations that made big money on getting people addicted and keeping them addicted,” she said.

“We need to hold those executives personally liable. I’m talking handcuffs and perp walks,” Warren declared to applause.

The progressive senator has introduced a proposed 7 percent tax on corporate profits above $100 million, calling it “the Real Corporate Profits Tax.”

“It will make our biggest and most profitable corporations pay more and ensure that none of them can ever make billions and pay zero taxes again,” Warren wrote in a Medium post published last week.

The former Harvard law professor has touted free college tuition, Medicare-for-all healthcare and a “wealth tax” that would impose a 2 percent tax on those with a net worth exceeding $50 million – as well as an additional one percent on billionaires.

Warren’s battle cry against the executives she aimed at during her Kermit campaign stop raised many eyebrows on social media as the message behind her words was absorbed.

It seems Democrats are grasping at anything in the face of a booming economy under President Donald Trump, threatening the wealthy and pushing the socialist narrative.

And many Twitter users found Warren’s lack of self-awareness even more amusing.

Warren’s rant sparked plenty of backlash on social media.

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