Libs triggered after AG William Barr laughs off Congress’ toothless contempt charge

U.S. Attorney General William Barr isn’t worried about the pitchfork-wielding Democrats on the House Judiciary Committee who voted to hold him in contempt.

Why? Because he knows that’s not going to amount to anything. Remember when Republicans held Obama’s AG Eric Holder in contempt? Nothing came of it.

William Barr jokes: ‘This must be a record’

Barr cracked a joke about the toothless contempt motion at a send-off for Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, who’s stepping down after a rocky tenure.

“This must be a record of an Attorney General being proposed for contempt within a hundred days of taking office,” Barr laughed, as the audience erupted into giggles.


Barr released Mueller’s report 98% unredacted

The House Judiciary Committee voted to hold Barr in contempt, claiming he failed to turn over the entire unredacted final report of Robert Mueller’s fruitless Russia collusion investigation.

Keep in mind that the version that was turned over to Democrats is 98% unredacted on obstruction of justice and 95% unredacted on collusion. As US Attorney General, Barr is obligated to redact grand jury testimony and top-secret intel that jeopardizes national security.

Members of Congress can view the unredacted Mueller report in a secure room at any time. They just can’t photograph or remove it from the room.

By now, everyone knows the contempt charge is a transparent partisan attempt to discredit and undermine William Barr, who also served as US Attorney General under George W. Bush.

Until the past few weeks, Barr has had a sterling reputation for integrity and fairness. But now he’s a target of the left because President Trump appointed him.

It’s unclear if and when the full House of Representatives will vote on the contempt resolution.

Former independent counsel: Mueller sandbagged Barr

Earlier this week, former independent counsel Ken Starr blasted Robert Mueller and his team for leaking Mueller’s “whiny complaint” letter about AG Barr to the left-wing media in a bid to gaslight the public about his failed Russia collusion investigation.

“His letter — that was then leaked on the very eve of Bill Barr’s testimony — was essentially an unfair, whiny complaint,” Starr told Fox News.

Unlike Mueller, Starr did not leak to the media like a sieve when he was an independent counsel investigating the president of the United States.

But Ken Starr — whose investigation of Bill Clinton led to his impeachment — says the curious timing of Mueller’s leaked letter was an “unforgivable sin.” Starr says Mueller maliciously sandbagged Barr with that leak.

“His letter that was leaked on the very eve of Bill Barr’s testimony, was essentially, an unfair whiny complaint…Bill Barr that summarized the conclusions, which he was obliged to do. That wasn’t a discretionary call — he was obliged to do exactly what he did.

Then here comes Bob Mueller with this letter, which is then leaked. That is to me the unforgivable sin.”

Needless to say, Leftists didn’t react very well to Barr’s light-hearted quip about being held in contempt:

In other words, “Triggered”:

AG Barr says he’s protecting US presidency, not Trump: ‘Rules were changed to hurt Trump’

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