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Bully Brian Sims stammers, then flees when confronted on the street by Black Lives Matter activist

brian Sims abortion clinic
Pennsylvania state representative Brian Sims, an abortion fan who brags about harassing pro-life teenage girls and old women, cowered when confronted by a black man. (screenshot)

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Pennsylvania state representative Brian Sims — a Democratic abortion enthusiast — recently bragged about verbally harassing and physically intimidating an elderly woman who was standing on a sidewalk outside an abortion clinic.

Before that, Sims bullied three teenage girls on the street, where he accused them of being of white racists because they’re pro-life. For the record, one of the girls was a minority.

Brian Sims trembles when confronted by a man

But like most misogynistic bullies, the 260-pound former football player cowers when confronted by a man.

A newly-surfaced video from 2017 shows Sims stammering nervously when Black Lives Matter activist Asa Khalif confronts Sims on the street and asks why he remained “silent while black and brown people” were “repeatedly discriminated” against in Sims’ district.

Brian Sims’ craven reaction to Khalif is a stark contrast to the way he viciously harasses and bullies women — especially older ladies and teenage girls.



Sims constantly slams whites, but minorities say he’s the racist

Sims, who was elected in 2012, is the first openly gay person to serve on Pennsylvania’s General Assembly. He has often advocated for LGBTQ issues.

Interestingly, Sims constantly rails against white people, calling them racist (even when they’re total strangers on the street).

This loud, racist virtue-signaling might lead one to believe that Sims is a champion against racism.

However, Khalif told the Philly Voice that Sims has never lifted a finger to address racism in Philadelphia’s “Gayborhood,” which falls within his district.

As BizPac Review reported, Sims got dragged on social media after he posted a shocking 8-minute video in which repeatedly berates an elderly woman as “an old white lady” who’s being “disgusting.”


Her crime? She was quietly praying to herself while standing on the sidewalk outside a Planned Parenthood abortion clinic. Sims shouted at the lady while aggressively encroaching on her physical space:

“Today’s protester is an old white lady who’s trying to avoid showing you her face. You have no business being out here! Shame on you!  Shame! Shame!”

Source: Live Action

Sims torched for hollow non-apology

Amid volcanic public backlash, Sims issued a half-hearted video apology. But the damage was done, as millions of furious Americans called him out for his disingenuous non-apology.

Did we mention that Brian’s Instagram account is filled with posts like these, where he declares that he’s a champion for women?

brian sims instagram
Misogynist Brian Sims thinks abusing old ladies and underage girls is cool. (Instagram)

Self-hating white leftist misogynist Sims also claims he opposes bullying.

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brians sims bullying instagram
Brian Sims constantly virtue-signals on Instagram.
Samantha Chang


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