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Melania Trump celebrates one-year anniversary of Be Best campaign, predictably gets attacked

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First Lady Melania Trump spent part of her Tuesday celebrating the one-year anniversary of her Be Best campaign, an initiative meant to help children live positively and avoid things like drugs and cyber bullying.

Speaking at the White House Rose Garden to an audience that included her husband, President Donald Trump, Melania Trump announced she was expanding the scope of her campaign to better address the modern issues that Americans are facing.

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“As I said at my campaign launch a year ago, I’m here with one goal: which is for children to reach their full potential so they can grow up happy, healthy and contribute positively to society and the world,” said Trump. “With that goal always in mind, we must continue our work to do what we can to affect positive change for our children.”

Trump, 49, said she has spent the last year engaging with children, parents, teachers and others to better understand how to help kids avoid modern pitfalls.

“My office has spent the past year listening to and learning from children, parents, medical professionals, teachers, leaders in technology and social media,” she said. “In fact, this past year has shown me that children are vulnerable to more than just social media, and so I expanded one of my pillars to online safety.”

Trump also highlighted Julie Cram, who was appointed to be a Be Best ambassador in March.

“For the first time in history, the United States Agency for International Development has appointed a Be Best ambassador,” Trump said.

The first lady encouraged other agencies to appoint Be Best ambassadors.

“On this one-year anniversary of my initiative, I call on all of our partner agencies to appoint a Be Best ambassador to serve as a liaison between my office and their respective agency to better highlight and promote the programs and services offered to parents and children on behalf of the U.S. government,” said Trump.

Source: Fox News

The ceremony celebrating the Be Best campaign also included the speakers National Institutes of Health Director Dr. Francis Collins, Microsoft’s Toni Townes-Whitley, and former Fox News host Eric Bolling, who is a major opioid advocate. Bolling had heavy praise for the first lady.

“When the history books are written, there should be a special chapter reserved for our first lady,” he said.

He added that Melania Trump is “the most important and accomplished first lady in American history. Full stop.”

The White House released a highlight reel of the some of the work done by the Be Best campaign. Check it out below:

While the first lady of the United States working to help children battle cyber bullying and the temptation of drugs would seem to be an admirable thing, critics of the current administration could not help but use Tuesday’s event as an excuse to attack the president.

CNN host Jim Sciutto went after the first lady by targeting tweets made by her husband.

“Today marks one year since Melania Trump launched the platform to help children focusing on their wellbeing, their social media use, as well as opioid abuse,” Sciutto said in the opening of his show. “But her campaign has also done something else, put the spotlight on the very different contradictory message that her husband is sending, particularly online.”

Sciutto then listed criticisms and insults the president has thrown at political rivals. The critique completely misses the point of the campaign since the first lady’s initiative is not geared toward taming political discourse.

Check out some other criticisms below:


Others were more supportive of the initiative, including “Charles in Charge” actor Scott Baio. Baio, one of Trump’s few outspoken supporters in Hollywood, retweeted the highlight video posted by the White House.

Republican National Committee Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel also said positive things about the campaign and the first lady.


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