Release of ‘LGBT’ sandwich ignites firestorm: ‘Will there be a white male straight option?’

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A British company is being slammed for virtue-signaling with the release of a new sandwich aimed at the LGBT community.

The United Kingdom retailer, Marks & Spencer, got little appreciation and plenty of backlash for offering a twist to the classic BLT by adding guacamole to the lettuce, bacon, and tomato filled sandwich, wrapping it in packaging featuring the rainbow flag symbolic of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender pride.

The sandwich ignited a wave of criticism as Marks & Spencer was blasted for mocking the LGBTQ community and using its “propaganda” to turn a profit.

“Is there no cynical virtue-signalling depth struggling companies won’t now plunge to make a profit?” Piers Morgan tweeted in response to the sandwich.

The “Good Morning Britain” host slammed the idea as “truly pathetic” on Twitter as he unloaded in a series of responses to the marketing by the UK supermarket.

“Hi Piers. We have given our popular BLT sandwich a twist to celebrate Pride and raise £10,000 for akt the national LGBTQ+ Youth Homelessness charity,” a spokesperson for the retailer responded to Morgan, prompting him to ask, “Will there be a white male straight sandwich option, or would that be deemed offensive?”

Others on social media also blasted the company for its sandwich.

Some did find the idea praiseworthy.

“M&S has an amazing LGBTQ+ colleague network and with them we’ll be celebrating Pride 2019. For the second year running, we have created a sandwich as part of the celebrations and have received great feedback from both colleagues and customers,” a spokesperson for Marks & Spencer said in a statement, according to Fox News.

“Alongside this, we’re also donating £10,000 to [The Albert Kennedy Trust,] the national LGBTQ+ Youth Homelessness charity,” the company said.

“The BLT is one of our most loved sandwiches and we’re really excited to give it a delicious twist for our customers to enjoy while celebrating Pride season,” Marks & Spencer said, according to The Sun which confirmed that the company was also donating 1,000 Euro to BeLonG To Youth Services, a charity which supports LGBTQ youth in Ireland.

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