Kamala declares ‘rightful governors’ of Georgia and Florida, but Pelosi preached Trump wouldn’t accept election results

Dem candidate Kamala Harris … credit ClickOnDetroit

If Democrats get their way, we may be headed for a country where elections are but a fond memory, since we can’t seem to get them correct from the left’s viewpoint. Democrat presidential candidate Kamala Harris said this weekend that Stacey Abrams and Andrew Gillum would be the governors of Georgia and Florida respectively, “without voter suppression.”

Are any Republican election wins valid these days? Also this weekend, two-time loser Hillary Clinton claimed the 2016 presidential election was stolen from her … and Nancy Pelosi started prepping her zombies warning about the 2020 election and not accepting election results.

Harris made her claim, while using a convenient southern drawl, at the NAACP Freedom Fund dinner in Detroit on Sunday. She followed up with a tweet …

“So the truth is, we need a new voting rights act,” Harris said. She proposed automatically registering people to vote and curbing any efforts to suppress votes. She also suggested that Election Day should be designated a national holiday.

Video by ClickOnDetroit

Democrat Abrams lost to Republican Brian Kemp by about 60,000 votes. Abrams refused to concede for a period of more than one week amid her failed allegations of widespread voter suppression. Eventually, she walked away, but slammed Kemp and the state for “gross mismanagement” of the election. Abrams is currently under a Georgia state ethics probe for financial irregularities in her campaign run.

Democrat Gillum’s bid to become governor of Florida ended when his vote count came up 34,000 short of Republican Ron DeSantis after a machine recount of votes. Democrats complained that there were reports some voters were turned away following ID card discrepancies.

During her keynote speech to the NAACP, Harris also provided the obligatory claims that President Trump attacks communities of color and empowers racism, anti-semitism, and Islamaphobia, facts be damned.

Ryan Saavedra made a couple of on-point tweets regarding Harris’s election claims …

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