Trump shares call for Fox News to take ‘unacceptable’ Andrew Napolitano off the air


President Donald Trump appeared to lend his voice to calls for Fox News to removed legal analyst Andrew Napolitano from the air.

While not directly commenting on the issue, the president re-tweeted a post critical of Napolotano, demanding that Fox News “take him off the air.”

“When you look at the continuous incorrect statements by Napolitano over the past 2 years, it is fair to ask FNC why they allow him to have national air time. The man has been significantly wrong on at least 8 major occasions. Unacceptable! Take him off the air!” tweeted a social media user who goes by HowardH.

The social media user has very few followers, just over 500, but his tweet was “liked” well over 15,000 times as of this writing, thanks to the attention Trump drew to it.

Napolitano drew the president’s ire over his reaction to the release of special counsel Robert Mueller’s report — the Fox News analyst slammed Trump for trying to “save” himself from obstruction charges.

“I am disappointed in the behavior of the president,” Napolitano said on air.

“If he had ordered his aides to violate federal law to save a human life or to preserve human freedom, he would at least have a moral defense to his behavior,” he added. “But ordering them to break federal law to save him from the consequences of his own behavior, that is immoral, that is criminal, that is defenseless, that is condemnable.”

This assessment prompted Trump to blast Napolitano last Saturday.

Taking to Twitter, Trump praised former Harvard Law professor Alan Dershowitz for “destroying” Napolitano’s “very dumb legal argument.”

But the president didn’t stop there, claiming that the Fox News analyst asked him for an appointment to the Supreme Court and also asked for the pardon of a friend — it’s not clear who this individual is, if true — and became “very hostile” when he rejected the requests.

Napolitano aligned with many on the left last week when he suggested that Attorney General William Barr “probably misled” the Democrat-run House when he testified in April about the Muller report.

While stopping short of saying Barr “lied,” the former judge said he mischaracterized Mueller’s opinion of his handling of the case — this coming in response to an article by the New York Times on the issue.

“He’s got a problem in my view,” Napolitano said.

National Review’s Andrew McCarthy shot down that argument.

“It’s tough to make the perjury argument without any false or even inaccurate statements — though my Fox News colleague Andrew Napolitano did give it the old college try. As recounted by The Hill, he twisted himself into a pretzel, observing — try to follow this — that the attorney general “probably misled” Congress and thus “he’s got a problem” . . . although this purported dissembling didn’t really seem to be, you know, an actual “lie” so . . . maybe it’s not a problem after all. Or something.


Napolitano also claimed back in December that the president’s son, Donald Trump Jr., told friends he expected to be indicted and agreed with the opinion.

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