Trump names ‘True believer and American patriot’ fmr Obama admin border patrol head to take over ICE
Mark Morgan, nominee to be the new Director of Immigration and Customs Enforcement   Credit: Fox News

On Sunday, President Trump announced that the former head of the U.S. Border Patrol under Barack Obama will be his nominee to be the new chief of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE).

In a tweet today, the President announced Mark Morgan will take over as head of ICE, replacing former acting ICE Director Ronald Vitiello, who resigned last month. In fact, it’s reported that Trump pulled Vitiello’s ICE Director nomination, saying he wanted to go in a “tougher direction.”

“Mark is a true believer and American Patriot,” is needed reassurance for all who are concerned with the plague of illegals pouring into the country.

Vitiello’s removal from the acting ICE director position came simultaneously to DHS Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen’s departure in a shake-up the President orchestrated to crackdown on illegal immigration heading into the 2020 election season. At the time, Acting Deputy DHS Secretary Clair Grady and Secret Service Director Randolph Alles also resigned.

Following the resignations of Nielsen and Vitiello, the administration has put in place tighter restrictions on visa overstays and public housing benefits for illegal immigrants. Attorney General Bill Barr also announced a decision in April that illegal immigrants who claim asylum are no longer eligible to be released on bond.

Morgan, a former FBI agent, is expected to toe the line on the President’s immigration policy agenda. He has repeatedly called the situation at the southern border a crisis and has slammed Democrats for their opposition to the border wall.

In recent Fox News interviews, Morgan has said …

… that Congress has “shown again and again their failure to do what’s right” to fix the problem. “They want to eat the elephant in one bite instead of looking at what they need to do right now.” Morgan said that Congress should be fixing the so-called Flores Settlement, which prevents migrant families and children caught crossing the border illegally from being detained for more than 20 days.

… and that he supports an idea floated by President Trump to send immigrants from the border to sanctuary cities. “Border Patrol, ICE, their facilities are overwhelmed, the faith-based organizations and other non-governmental organizations are overwhelmed. They have no choice. They’re going to have to start pushing these individuals out. Shouldn’t we kind of share the burden throughout the country?”

… “What the president is saying and what they’re trying to do as far as the policy goes, it’s based on reality and fact and I know that because he’s listening to the experts. Not political pundits, not talking heads, he is listening to experts. Anyone who says this a manufactured crisis is absolutely misleading the American people.”

Morgan will need to go through Senate confirmation to take the leadership position at ICE.

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