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Defensive James Comey tries to justify FBI spying on Trump and use of honey pot to entrap aide

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Former FBI Director James Comey defended the FBI’s spying on Trump campaign aides in 2016. (screenshot)

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Fired FBI Director James Comey defended the agency’s spying-on of the 2016 Trump campaign and the use of a “honey pot” to entrap former campaign aide George Papadopoulos.

Comey was reacting to a New York Times report alleging that the FBI had employed an attractive female who used the alias “Azra Turk” to spy on Papadopoulos.

Naturally, the New York Times contorted themselves to not say the word “spy,” making for a laughable headline.

James Comey rips Trump supporters

Instead of slamming the FBI for illegally spying on American citizens to influence a presidential election, Comey blasted Trump supporters’ reactions to the damning New York Times exposé.

“Already some Trump supporters are saying, ‘Aha! You see? We are right! The president is right!” Feldman said on KNX 1070 AM, a Los Angeles radio station.

“The FBI and the so-called Deep State — they were spying on an American presidential campaign. And this story is proof of that.’”

Obama FBI was weaponized to rig election for Hillary

Comey — who was then FBI director — defended the FBI, saying it did what it had to do under the circumstances, which was to spy on the Trump campaign aides. That is a gross violation of civil liberties.

Naturally, no one has explained why the FBI never alerted then-candidate Donald Trump that they allegedly suspected Russia was trying to infiltrate his campaign. Wouldn’t that be the logical first step?

Comey said: “What would you have the FBI do? We discover in the middle of June of 2016 that the Russians were engaged in a massive effort to mess with this democracy to interfere in the election. We’re focused on that, and at the end of July, we learn that a Trump campaign adviser had talked to a Russian representative about the fact that the Russians had dirt on Hillary Clinton and wanted to arrange to share it with the Trump campaign.”

He added: “What should the FBI do when it gets that information? It should investigate to figure out whether any Americans are hooked up with this massive interference effort. And that’s what we did.”

Robert Mueller’s final report: No evidence of collusion

For the record, special counsel Robert Mueller concluded that there was no evidence of collusion between the 2016 Trump campaign and Russia.

Now, Democrats are facing volcanic backlash for illegally spying on a U.S. citizen and weaponizing the FBI to rig the election in Hillary Clinton’s favor.

The left has been deliberately conflating Russia’s attempted interference in the 2016 election with the nonexistent collusion between Russia and the 2016 Trump campaign to muddy the waters in an effort to cover up their misdeeds.

Comey beats Russia! Russia! Russia! drums again

James Comey then insisted that Russia will try to interfere again to get President Trump re-elected in 2020. Keep in mind that Trump has been much tougher on Russia (through crippling economic sanctions) than Barack Obama ever was.

“A foreign adversary intervened in America to damage our democracy to hurt one of our two candidates for president and to help the other. That’s an act of war.

And they not only did it, they exceeded their wildest expectations because look at where we are as a country now, how we are at each other’s throats. So, they will be back again, they will work to re-elect Donald Trump.”

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