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Tucker takes veiled shot at Chris Wallace’s ‘partisan’ obsession with relitigating Mueller report

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Fox News host Tucker Carlson took a veiled swipe at Democratic opinion host Chris Wallace for his obsession with “revisiting Barr’s summary of the Mueller Report.”

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Fox News host Tucker Carlson took a veiled jab at his colleague, Democratic opinion host Chris Wallace, who’s obsessed with relitigating the fruitless Robert Mueller investigation.

While teasing a commercial, Carlson quipped: “The Mueller Report is out, but the partisan press is still obsessed about revisiting Barr’s summary of the Mueller Report. That’s not an opinion, that’s a fact. We will have more facts after the break.”

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Chris Wallace and Shepard Smith constantly trash Trump

Tucker was apparently taking a dig at Chris Wallace, an opinion host and registered Democrat who repeatedly trashes President Trump.

Several hours earlier, Wallace dissed the “opinion hosts” at Fox News (Tucker Carlson, Sean Hannity and Laura Ingraham — you know, the ones who bring in the monster ratings so that middling performers like Wallace can still have a job).

chris wallace democrat liberalChris Wallace whined to fellow his Trump-hating liberal Shepard Smith:

“[There are] some opinion people who appear on this network who may be pushing a political agenda. But, you know, we have to deal in facts.”

And the fact is that this letter from the Special Counsel was a clear indication that [Robert Mueller] was very upset with the letter that had been sent out by the Attorney General.”

There are a lot of people having read now the full report…who agree that [Barr] didn’t reveal what was fully in the report. Again, those aren’t opinions. That’s not a political agenda. Those are the facts.”

Robert Mueller does not disagree with Barr summary

Tucker Carlson clapped back at these remarks, saying:

“The Barr letter means nothing. That is fact, not opinion.”

Carlson slammed partisan TV pundits who are harping on a leaked story to Jeff Bezos’ liberal blog, the Washington Post, claiming that Robert Mueller thought William Barr’s summary of his findings was not thorough enough.

Keep in mind that Mueller did not disagree with Barr’s conclusions in his summary of Mueller’s report (i.e., that there was no evidence of collusion).

It’s unclear how much more thorough Barr could have been, since he released the entire Mueller report to the public.

Senator Ted Cruz summed up the faux hysteria by Chris Wallace and his fellow Democrats in this unforgettable exchange yesterday, which made Barr erupt into laughter.

Fox News host Mark Levin, an attorney, joined Tucker in smacking down Chris Wallace, saying: “You make no sense at all. That’s a fact.”

Laura Ingraham, also an attorney, blasted Wallace as well, suggesting that Wallace is acting like he has access to some special information that no one else has.

“I don’t know if Chris Wallace has information that I don’t have,” Ingraham quipped.


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