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Kellyanne Conway: ‘the harassment, disrespect of Bill Barr is completely disgraceful … Congress needs to calm down’

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White House counselor Kellyanne Conway slammed Congressional Democrats for their “disrespect” and “harassment” of Attorney General William Barr, who is set to appear before the House Judiciary Committee this week.

The Counselor to President Trump blasted Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerry Nadler in particular for threatening members of the administration with fines and arrest if they do not comply with Congressional subpoenas, speaking with Fox News Tuesday on “America’s Newsroom” about the treatment of Barr, who is scheduled to testify before the House Committee on Thursday.

Whether or not Barr does appear Thursday would be up to him, Conway told Fox News host Bill Hemmer when asked if the attorney general would comply and testify on the release of Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s report.

Barr is slated to speak before Senate Democrats in a Wednesday morning hearing but may skip the House appearance after Nadler reportedly indicated that Judiciary Committee staff, not members of Congress, would conduct the inquiry, according to Fox News.

“He is certainly testifying to the Senate so it’s not like he is afraid to answer questions under oath,” Conway told Hemmer.

“But the harassment of Bill Barr and the disrespect is completely disgraceful to this man who spent his career in public service and in private law practice,” she added, referring to the pointless political ploy by Democrats attacking Barr over his summary report of Mueller’s findings.


“No less of a soul than Joe Biden voted for Bill Barr’s confirmation for Attorney General the first time around,” Conway said. “And I think people are just mad at Bob Mueller and his investigators for not getting the president in an interview, for shutting down the investigation before those who felt like they should produce the goods got it.”

She called Democrats out for “outrageous” way that “they want to play the system,” before she tore into Nadler’s threat to “arrest people or fine them up to $20,000 a day for not complying with subpoenas to appear.”

“Someone is in contempt of Congress, you send the Sergeant at Arms and you arrest them. Alternatively you fine him $20,000 a day, whatever,” Nadler said during a radio interview Monday.

The New York Democrat is demanding Trump’s financial records and other documents related to the Mueller report, issuing subpoenas against administration officials. The president has made it clear he will not play Nadler’s game.

“Are we actually going to do that with Chuck and Nancy coming over to talk about infrastructure?” Conway asked, referring to an Oval Office meeting Tuesday between Trump and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer

“Are we actually dangling arrests of innocent citizens for not complying with subpoenas?” Conway demanded. “I think Congress needs to calm down a little bit on this.”

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