‘Somebody get this child out of my face’: Journalist walks into crowd of masked Antifa looking for a fight

In what was reported as dueling demonstrations over immigration, a tense scene in Huntington, California, got even more heated when a man who calls himself a patriot journalist waded into the midst of mask-wearing radical leftists to ask a few questions.

On one side was a group identified as the “March to End Sanctuary State,” which was protesting state Senate Bill 54, a bill that would limit cooperation between police and federal immigration agents, the Orange Counter Register reported.

Many of those who support secure borders and the rule of law were President Trump supporters — they were also characterized as “white nationalists,” a common ploy by the left.

Or “anti-immigration,” as seen from OC Register photographer Kevin Sullivan.

The other side of Saturday’s protest featured the Democratic Socialists of America, Indivisible OC and other radical groups, according to the paper — many of those on hand wore black gear and masks associated with the violent domestic terrorist group Antifa.

Not that “Brandon,” a “patriotic journalist” from “THAT’S THE POINT with Brandon” was dismayed, as he walked right into the throng, asking if they were planning on going skiing, given their attire.

As might be expected, he was immediately confronted.

“[There] shouldn’t be a problem,” he tells one of the goons. “This is America. I should be able to talk and walk wherever I want, right? Isn’t that what you guys stand for, for the freedom and no government and all that bullsh*t?”

When a small masked wonder gets right in his face, Brandon brushes the challenge off.

“You don’t weigh enough little boy,” he tells the person. “You’re underage, dude, you’re underage. Hey, somebody get this child out of my face, please!”

Just a few seconds later, Brandon is set upon by 6-8 masked thugs and he accounts for himself well as the video ends.

A masked protester who struck him in the head with a flag pole left to ponder just how wise a decision that was after Brandon retaliated with a convincing punch to his/her face.

Brandon was interviewed afterwards by News2Share, as seen below — he described events from his perspective, which was that he was defending himself. Accurate, but his actions all but assured that there would be a confrontation.

He did tweet this message: “I don’t condone violence nor advocate for it. However self-defense is legal, I am disappointed that it had to get to that level, but we need to stand STRONG continue to spread Truth and try to bridge gaps?.”

The online media source reported that three Antifa members were arrested, with the arrests captured on camera.

The video also captured Brandon trying to embed himself in the left-wing crowd again, only to be blocked by various protesters.

In the end, if there was a victim in all the nonsense, it may have been the police, who had to put up with the shenanigans from people who have a little too much free time on their hands… and plenty of passion for their politics.

Tom Tillison


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