#FreeJamesWoods: Actor in Twitter jail AGAIN for over a week. Fans really want him back.

Conservative actor James Woods has apparently been put in Twitter jail for a second time, with followers expressing their concerns about censorship on the social media platform.

After all, with 2.12 million followers and a penchant for being a leading voice on the right, it’s not like social media users aren’t going to notice when the outspoken actor suddenly goes silent.


According to online accounts, Woods found himself banished from Twitter-dom for a second time for a tweet about the Mueller Report, which cleared President Trump on charges of collusion with Russia.

The offending tweet featured a quote: “If you try to kill the King, you better not miss,” along with the hashtag #HangThemAll.

That’s according to Woods’ girlfriend, Sarah Miller, who shared an email he received last week from Twitter, along with the caption: “Of course Twitter doesn’t inform his followers.”


All of which calls to mind the words from CNN analyst April Ryan, who called for the “lopping” off of White House press secretary Sarah Sanders’ head, after declaring she “out-and-out lied, and the people, the American people can’t trust her.”

A remark vigorously defended by the liberal media as a figure of speech — perhaps Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey didn’t get the memo.

The last time Woods was reportedly locked out of Twitter was in September, after he posted a satirical meme that mocked limp-wristed, latte-drinking liberal soy boys — at least, that was the account coming from his girlfriend.

Woods refused to delete the tweet, saying at the time: “Free speech is free speech – it’s not Jack Dorsey’s version of free speech.”

After being exiled or two weeks, Woods was freed and came back as deviant as ever, vowing not to stop expressing his views because of “Twitter’s bias or liberal insanity in general.”

“So Twitter sent an unsolicited email explaining THEY would delete the ‘offending’ tweet for which I was locked out and which I refused to delete. As a conservative, I am not about to walk on eggshells because of Twitter’s bias or liberal insanity in general,” he tweeted at the time.

Woods last tweeted on April 19, meaning his account has been silent for 10 days now.

If the last exile period of two weeks is the Dorsey standard, we may hear from Woods by the end of the week.

His fans are calling on followers to put pressure on the social media platform to free Woods from Twitter jail.


Here’s a sampling of other supportive tweets from Twitter:



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