Bongino obliterates ‘Meet the Press’ for crazy interview with disgraced Sally Yates
Sally Yates on “Meet the Press” with Andrea Mitchell

Obviously, credibility is an outdated concept when someone like Sally Yates is actually put on a show like “Meet the Press” and asked to weigh-in on questions that no serious journalist has any business asking her. At least not if they expect intelligent, reasonable answers.

Dan Bongino hit ’em right between the eyes when he tweeted …

Clearly, anyone who still believes mainstream media retains a modicum of integrity is completely unaware of their surroundings.

The video clip in Bongino’s tweet above shows Andrea Mitchell, loyal attendant to failed queen-of-the-swamp Hillary Clinton, serving up lollipops to Yates, pandering to NBC’s desperate hangers on who want to still believe that there is something, anything President Trump may be guilty of.

The “Meet the Press” Twitter account posted …

Political commentator Mollie Hemingway ridiculed the interview in her tweet …

Many others have also wondered what the heck “Meet the Press” was thinking.

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Victor Rantala


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