Harvard ‘diversity conference’ keynote speaker said Jews and Christians ‘deserve to be locked up’


Tim Wise

Harvard recently hosted a Diversity Conference featuring “anti-racism” activist Tim Wise, a white, heterosexual man who has a history of extreme intolerance for Christians and Jews.

On Thursday, the university’s Faculty of Arts and Sciences put on the indoctrination sessions they called the “FAS Diversity Conference: A Decade of Dialogue.” Wise, billed as an “anti-racism writer, educator and activist,” was the keynote speaker.

The paradox for unshackled minds lies in the fact that Wise publicly calls for those who believe in the Bible to be “locked up.”

The College Fix reports:

Tim Wise, an “anti-racism writer, educator and activist,” has denigrated Christians as “Jeezoids and fascists and called Pope Francis evil. He has tweeted that “people who believe in a God of hell/damnation deserve to be mocked viciously and run out of the public square.”

Those who base their morality on the Hebrew Scriptures “deserve to be locked up,” he said in 2015, claiming to be “sorta kidding but not by much.”

The Diversity Dialogue Series provides a “retrospective look at diversity and inclusion, a discussion of current issues, and practical guidance on how we can move toward greater inclusion and belonging at Harvard,” according to the event description.

And that’s just the beginning of his bigotry…

In a 2017 tweet, Wise called Christians “Jeezoids” and he cheered the possibility of pro-lifers going to prison.

In a 2015 Facebook post, Wise held nothing back as he attacked Republican congresswoman Michele Bachmann, a vocal conservative, Christian.

Check it out below:

In a disturbing excerpt of that rant, which remains publicly available, he says:

NO, we are not obligated to indulge your irrationality in the name of your religious freedom…but we will provide you a very comfortable room, against which walls you may hurl yourself hourly if your choose. Knock yourself out….seriously, knock yourself out, completely, for weeks at a time…I’m sorta kidding but not by much…I don’t believe lunatics like this should be locked up, but I do think they have to be politically destroyed, utterly rendered helpless to the cause of pluralism and democracy …the world is not theirs. They have no right to impose their bullshit on others. They can either change, or shut the hell up, or practice their special brand of crazy in their homes…or go away. Their choice. And this argument applies to any fundamentalist religionist of any faith who thinks they have a right to impose their beliefs on a secular, pluralistic society. Go away.

Apparently, Wise has fashioned his anti-racism bigotry into a profitable livelihood, given the demographic explosion in lefties experiencing major white guilt. According to The Fix, Wise has credited his own career success to his “white privilege, male privilege, straight privilege, cisgender privilege and age privilege.”

Digging back into still another mind-numbing level of ironies, in 2015, the pretend black person Rachel Dolezal had an absurd tiff with Wise, apparently over who was less white, or something along that line.

It’s unclear if the Diversity Conference hosts were disappointed, but The College Fix reported Wise avoided any bigoted anti-Jewish/anti-Christian attacks during his Harvard appearance this week.

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