AOC deletes tweet when she shames lawmaker she thought was Republican – only he’s not

(File Photo: screenshot)

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez stepped on a political rake when she unloaded on a House colleague thinking he was a Republican.

The New York Democrat blasted Kentucky Rep. John Yarmuth on Twitter Thursday for a photo of him standing next to a cardboard cutout of herself posted by the Republican Party of Kentucky.

But the attempt by the 29-year-old Democratic socialist to shame Republicans for posing “older male members next to cardboard cutouts of young female legislators,” backfired in a big way as her gaffe was instantly apparent to everyone but herself.

The freshman congresswoman ended up deleting her tweet after being called out for attacking Yarmuth, a fellow Democrat and chairman of the House Budget Committee.

The National Republican Congressional Committee had some fun at Ocasio-Cortez’s expense and followed up with a “a message for the woke socialist from New York.”

“This older male member is a Democrat. This Democrat is on the budget committee. This budget committee member is the chairman. This chairman needs to find $93 trillion to pay for your asinine Green New Deal,” the update by Michael McAdams read.

“Maybe spend less time making coloring books like a 4-year-old and more time getting to know your fellow socialists — even the old white male ones you seem to hate like John Yarmuth!” it went on, referring to a Green New Deal video she had tweeted last week.

The NRCC update added a post-script:

“P.S. AOC currently cosponsors one of Budget Committee Chairman Yarmuth’s bills…”

Social media users roasted Ocasio-Cortez over the tweet, but many were just thankful for her endless supply of entertainment.


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