‘Is this Pelosi’s district?’ San Fran reportedly drowning in human feces. New map shows skyrocketing epidemic

President Donald Trump faced considerable heat from Democrats and their liberal media allies when he spoke of people coming to America from “sh*thole” countries, but when looking to tag such places, one need not leave the contiguous United States.

Not when you have the progressive Shangri-La known as San Francisco.

At least, that’s according to conservative firebrand Michelle Malkin, who took to social media to tweet: “San Francisco = A veritable ?hole.”

Malkin’s tweet was in response to a tweet from Daily Beast reporter Lachlan Markay, who shared an unappetizing visual that maps all reported incidents of human feces found on the streets of San Francisco.

The city is facing a poop epidemic, as the eye-popping number of reported instances of human feces found on San Francisco streets since 2011 is somewhere around 118,352 times — the overall population in the city is around 884,000, with more than 7,000 homeless.

Enough to bury the City by the Bay, as seen in Markay’s map above.

Open the Books reported on their findings below:

The city’s streets are littered with so much feces that they invested in Poop Patrols, a team that ventures out in search of poop.

San Francisco reportedly receives an average of 65 calls a day from local citizens who report feces they’ve encountered.

The liberal mayor, London Breed, made no bones about the city drowning in poop.

“There is more feces on the sidewalks than I’ve ever seen growing up here. That is a huge problem and we are not just talking about from dogs — we’re talking about from humans,” Breed said.

Compensation for the six-person Poop Patrol, which is the brainchild of Breed and Public Works Director Mohammed Nuru, can be as high as $185,000 in total salary and benefits.

Overall, San Francisco is spending a fortune on cleaning its streets.

A $35 million price tag in fiscal 2016-17, which averaged out to more than $40 per resident, jumped to $53.7 million in 2018 and is expected to reach nearly $60 million this year, according to the San Francisco Chronicle.

And the demand only grows, further proving that when liberals subsidize something — homeless people — it only grows.


As Forrest Gump once said: “Sh*t happens.”

If there was a common theme in online responses, it may center around Nancy Pelosi.

Here’s a sampling of reactions from Twitter:

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