The huge problem with the Mueller report that no one is talking about

Republicans are ecstatic over the Mueller report, as it found no evidence President Donald Trump cooperated with Russia to influence the 2016 election. But the report doubled […]

Biased Chuck Todd prods Nadler: Why haven’t you started Trump’s impeachment?

NBC’s Chuck Todd was not even trying to hide his bias as he pressed House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerry Nadler on why Democrats are not already working to impeach […]

Trump says ‘Nobody disobeys my orders.’ He’s ‘not even a little bit’ worried about impeachment.

President Donald Trump said Monday he’s not worried in the least about impeachment in the aftermath of special counsel Robert Mueller’s final report being made public. Attending the annual White […]

Levin, Byron York do autopsy on Mueller Report: This is the world’s biggest ‘nevermind’

Washington Examiner columnist Byron York finds himself in agreement with President Trump that the recently concluded investigation by Robert Mueller was really just “two years of BS.” The […]

Scuttlebutt that Megyn Kelly wants a comeback leads to question, could Fox News take her back?

Cable news personality Megyn Kelly is not ready for retirement apparently. Eddie Scarry of the Washington Examiner reports: “Megyn Kelly and people close to her are putting […]

Morning Joe calls for a boycott of Kellyanne, Giuliani, Sarah Sanders: ‘It’s time to take a stand’… they just lie.

MSNBC’s Mika Brzezinski and Joe Scarborough blasted members of the Trump administration and said it’s time to “take a stand” against the “knowable lies” they tell during […]

White House: ‘We’re not gonna take a lecture on truth-telling from a media that’s been lying about us for two years’

The White House is clapping back at the mainstream media for continuing to amplify the rhetoric from Democrats refusing to accept the findings in Robert Mueller’s report. […]

Supreme Court to decide three cases concerning gay and transgender rights

Kevin Daley, DCNF The Supreme Court will decide its first set of LGBT rights cases following Justice Anthony Kennedy’s retirement. Kennedy was the architect of the high […]

Warren wants student debt erased through $640 billion plan

Neetu Chandak, DCNF Massachusetts Democratic Sen. Elizabeth Warren revealed her $640 billion plan to erase student debt that would be funded by taxing super wealthy families Monday. […]

NYC Mayor de Blasio one-ups AOC, announces ‘We are going to ban glass and steel skyscrapers’

If the progressive left has its way with their radical Green New Deal, the landscape may prove to be quite barren… at least in New York City, […]

Mexican troops detained, disarmed American soldiers on US side of the border

The U.S. Northern Command (USNORTHCOM) said in a statement that half-a-dozen armed Mexican troops detained and disarmed two U.S. soldiers on the American side of the border […]

Decapitation ‘a new low,’ Sarah Sanders says about April Ryan. CNN’s Stelter asks why she still has a job.

CNN chief media correspondent Brian Stelter charged on Easter Sunday the White House press secretary Sarah Sanders has “zero credibility,” before asking, “Why does she still have a […]

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