Levin delivers rant for the ages, slices and dices Mueller report ‘so even Scarborough & Tapper can understand!’

Talk radio host Mark Levin went on a rant for the ages in discussing the reaction to the release of Special counsel Robert Mueller’s report on Thursday.

Appearing on “Fox & Friends,” Levin broke the report down to two volumes, the first part focused on collusion and the second on obstruction of justice, slicing and dicing it so even CNN anchor Jake Tapper and MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough could understand.

Discussing the second volume on obstruction, Levin said it “doesn’t have a syllable of legal significance, there’s not a syllable of law in it,” stressing that “none of it has been tested in the court of law.”

“That’s why Mueller wrote this — this is a political document that he should never have written,” Levin said, comparing it to an editorial piece.

“This is an op-ed. This is a 200-page op-ed, that’s all this is,” he declared.

Co-host Ed Henry interjected to say the report is “quoting the White House counsel,” asking Levin, “Doesn’t whether the president told the truth or not matter to you?”

An agitated Levin countered by asking Henry how he know if it’s true, repeating his point that none of this has been challenged in court and saying that Trump disputed what was said.

“That is why we have a court of law,” Levin said. “That is why prosecutors, dammit, are not supposed to write essays like this.”

After highlighting the fact that no one is focused on volume one, which he said was legal and did cite law, and found no collusion, he unloaded on the obstruction angle.

“[Mueller] didn’t have an obstruction case against the president of the United States or he would have brought it,” Levin insisted, becoming increasingly animated. “I’m using plain English so even Joe Scarborough and Jake Tapper can understand this.”

“Volume two is crap!” he continued, slamming his hand on a copy of the report for added emphasis. “Volume two was written for slip and fall lawyer Nadler, slip and fall lawyer Schiff. That’s why he wrote it. He knew the media would run with it.”

Nadler being Rep. Jerry Nadler, D-N.Y., chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, and Schiff being Rep. Adam Schiff, D-Calif., the House Intelligence Committee chair.

Going back to volume one, Levin said Mueller should have went before the American people 6-12 months into his investigation and alleviated all concerns about possible collusion with a foreign government.

He went on the call the investigation a “hack job,” and said it now comes down to a matter of the American people versus the press.

And just as he did throughout his appearance, Levin said it with passion. Passion the “Fox & Friends” morning crew was challenged to match as their guest dominated the segment.

Tom Tillison


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