‘I’m your Huckleberry’: Dana Loesch steps in to accept Eric Swalwell’s challenge for the NRA and ups the ante

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Dana Loesch torched Rep. Eric Swalwell in the continuing war of words with the 2020 Democratic contender over his gun confiscation plan.

The two locked social media horns again as Loesch essentially dared the California Democrat to a debate on the issue in a Twitter feud that sparked an angry backlash against Swalwell for a “condescending” and “sexist” response.

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“I’m your Huckleberry. Unless you’re afraid to lose,” the National Rifle Association spokeswoman tweeted in response to Swalwell’s latest dig at the gun rights group disguised as a supposed challenge.

The newest 2020 Democratic presidential hopeful beat his chest in a tweet claiming the NRA is “afraid” to have its president Oliver North debate him.

Loesch slammed the lawmaker earlier in the week after he thanked Shannon Watts, founder of Moms Demand Action, for her defense when she claimed Loesch accused Swalwell “of disrespecting and disliking police officers” because of his gun control stance.

“I don’t know who @dloesch is, but it looks like she spends more time worrying about me than she does for gun violence victims,” Swalwell replied, in part.

Loesch called out the Democrat who has made stricter gun control a central theme of his campaign, reminding him that he has “addressed” her directly “many times.”

She also noted that Swalwell is the one dodging questions about his proposed policy.

Swalwell plans to ban “military-style semiautomatic assault weapons” with a buy-back program but has offered no definition of what he considers an “assault weapon” to be and no details of what a buyback program would look like. The lawmaker rallied last year for the confiscation of semi-automatic firearms and threatened that it would be a “short war” if anyone resisted and that the “government has nukes” that it could use in a war against Second Amendment supporters.

Those who choose not to cooperate with the buy-back program and hold on to their weapons would face criminal prosecution, including possible jail time, the presidential hopeful has said.

Swalwell accused Loesch of “blowing up” his Twitter feed on Friday, before completely disrespecting her as merely a “mouthpiece” for the NRA.

“I don’t aim down, so I don’t debate mouthpieces,” he said, calling for the organization to “send me your president.”

This was a good cue for feminists and uber-progressives on the left to condemn Swalwell for his mansplaining.

But Loesch had his number.

After his condescending rant and “prediction,” the congressman not only got a direct challenge from Loesch, she even spun her own “headline.”

Twitter users came out in force to blast Swalwell for his “sexist” attack.

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