Suspect picks wrong yard to hideout from cops; ‘trespassers will be shot’ in window was true. Now they’re both arrested.

A suspected car thief in Minnesota should probably have paid more attention to the sign on the property he used as a hideout from police.

The suspect, identified as Jalik Combs by Twin Cities Pioneer Press, was apprehended by police after he allegedly sped away with a stolen car and then ended up on the property belonging to Vincent N. Trotter, who had a sign posted in his window which read: “No Trespassing,” and “Violators will be shot. Survivors will be shot again!”

Combs was reportedly shot three times by the homeowner after he tried to hide from police in his yard following the car chase.

“The vehicle was driving alleyways and side streets very recklessly, to the point where officers lost sight of it due to its speed as it accelerated away from them,” Sgt. Mike Ernster, a St. Paul police spokesman said, according to the news outlet.

“The vehicle was driving alleyways and side streets very recklessly, to the point where officers lost sight of it due to its speed as it accelerated away from them,” Ernster added.

When the stolen car allegedly smashed into another vehicle, officers were called to the accident scene, but the suspect had taken off on foot into the neighborhood. Police found him after they heard several gunshots, discovering him at the home of Trotter, who reportedly turned his gun over to police.

The 36-year-old homeowner was actually arrested on suspicion of aggravated assault, according to the Twin Cities Pioneer Press, which reported:

His arrest was based on evidence and information uncovered by investigators, in consultation with the Ramsey County attorney’s office, according to police.

Trotter has a permit to carry, a nephew said earlier in the day. He said he believes his uncle would have been protecting his wife and their baby.


The suspect’s mother, Artesa Wheatley, claimed she heard five gun shots and said Combs was shot in the buttocks, forearm and legs. He was treated at Regions Hospital and reportedly booked into the Ramsey County jail on Tuesday on two counts of suspicion of auto theft.

Speaking to his mother by phone, Combs indicated that the homeowner asked him, “Did you see the sign that said ‘No trespassing’?” and told him to get away from his house. Wheatley claimed that her son told Trotter he was leaving and that he began to do so but was shot.

“I understand that’s your property, I understand people not wanting people trespassing on their property and I could see if (Combs) tried to come fight you or something, but my son didn’t have any type of weapon,” Wheatley said.

She added that her son has been diagnosed with mental illness but she has been unable to secure the help he needs. The 20-year-old has had a bit of a history as he was wanted by St. Paul investigators in connection with a separate auto theft case.

Combs was charged in December with another auto theft and pleaded guilty in October to burglary and motor vehicle tampering. Earlier that month he was sentenced in another auto theft and for possessing ammunition.

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