Sr. Trump official Lynne Patton trolls Omar over death threat whining: ‘just some people saying something … welcome to the club’

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Lynne Patton, the regional administrator at the Department of Housing and Urban Development in the Trump administration, doesn’t have a whole lot of sympathy for Rep. Ilhan Omar, D-Minn., who says she is facing a growing number of death threats as a result of President Trump drawing attention to her disrespectful 9/11 remarks.

But then, Patton knows a thing or two about death threats, being a black woman who willingly serves under the president.

Playing on Omar’s own words about the Sept. 11, 20011, attack, which the Muslim lawmaker belittled by describing it as “some people did something,” Patton took to social media to post a spot-on meme that read: “Ilmar Omar is crying she’s receiving death threats. They’re no death threats. There just some people saying something.”

(Spot on in that it perfectly captured the dismissing effects of Omar’s words.)

Patton included the caption: “#WelcomeToTheClub ??‍♀️ We’ve been getting death threats for 3 years now. And for the record, I now get death threats & hate mail SENT TO MY APARTMENT because the mainstream media reported where I live. Never mind just on social media. #SoSorryNotSorry.”

As for the threats directed at Omar, Patton made an important distinction, that being they appear to be from social media — courage is in vast supply when perched safely behind a keyboard, although all threats should be taken seriously.

Patton was clear about having faced that and more, with nary a peep from the media now running interference for the Somali refugee, one of the first two Muslim women to be elected to Congress.

As she noted in the caption, the treats came to the doorstep of her home, courtesy of the media sharing her home address, according to Patton.

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Left-of-center Mother Jones responded to Patton’s Instagram post by going through the comments, but Patton was not intimidated.

Farming the toxic social media wasteland and citing keyboard commandos at their worst, the magazine claimed Patton “added to the torrent of death threats that Ilhan Omar has been receiving in recent days.”

Of course, we’ve seen this game played for too long not to understand who the real target here is — President Trump.

With Democrats and their media allies up in arms over a video the president shared, which highlighted Omar’s insulting remark alongside images of 9/11 — a fateful day that claimed the lives of nearly 3,000 people.

Patton responded to Mother Jones by tweeting:

“If I get fired for defending 9/11, then I’ll proudly frame HUD’s pink slip. I’ve been getting death threats for 3 years. Where’s your story on that? ? Now they’re even to my home since the media published where I live. P.S. @POTUS never took the tweet down. #LazyJournalism.”

Note that Patton repeated her earlier point about the media sharing her home address.

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