Tucker Carlson: ‘In 20 Years, every fifth grader will believe 9/11 was committed by a white supremacist’

Last night, Tucker Carlson called out New Jersey Senator and Democrat presidential candidate Cory Booker for his alarmist comments about President Trump and a make-believe epidemic of “white supremacist hate crimes.” In so doing, Carlson warned that soon, if leftists like Booker aren’t put in check, children will believe that white supremacists are responsible for everything, to include the 9/11 attacks.

Booker’s Sunday morning interview was particularly interesting and quite ironic as he actually said that if Trump followed through and moved illegal immigrants into sanctuary cities, he would “make us less safe.”

Booker was interviewed on the Face the Nation program. The CBS moderator Margaret Brennan did not ask him to square up that comment with the fact that Democrats are demanding open borders and are happily welcoming all illegal aliens into dozens of declared sanctuary cities that are run by lefties.

Brennan began by asking Booker, “Do you think this is an empty threat by the President, though, to talk about busing people from the border into these sanctuary cities? He likes to create friction sometimes to jump-start, he says, a Congress that’s not acting.”

“You say friction,” the senator said. “I say he’s trying to pit Americans against each other and make us less safe, because what you’re seeing now …”

“So you take the threat seriously?” Brennan asked.

“I take this,” he said. “He is injecting fear into our country. So if he was looking to solve the problem, he wouldn’t look to divide the country against itself. Beware of anybody that’s trying to tell you ‘be afraid’ (umm, … having just said we were going to be “less safe”) in the strongest country in the world, as opposed to showing our strength and our courage by pulling people together to find common-sense solutions to solve this problem.”

Video from Face the Nation

Cory Booker will say literally, literally anything, went farther … of course that’s his signature move,” said Carlson. “Whenever everyone is saying something ridiculous, Booker will triple down on the insanity and pretend to be completely sincere about it.

“In this case, Booker was happy to blame Trump for actual terror attacks …” Carlson said, leading into still another segment of his Face the Nation interview …

Video from Fox News

“I swear, in 20 years, every fifth-grader will believe 9/11 was committed by a white supremacist,” Carlson predicted.

“Totally true. You watch, you heard it here first. They (the ‘white supremacists’) are the real threat, we need to fear and suppress them. And that is what Booker is saying.

“To prove it, he and so many demagogues on the left are forever telling us about the epidemic of hate crimes in the country, but they are lying. There is no epidemic of hate crimes. We checked, we know what the numbers are.

“We checked for California, the biggest state, the most liberal state, and here are the numbers. In 2017, the state of California convicted a total of 65 people of hate crimes statewide. 65 out of a population of almost 40 million people.

“By the way, there were fewer hate crimes in California in 2017 under Trump than there were in 1996 under the Bill Clinton administration. That epidemic is fake, it’s propaganda and they are trying to control you with fear.”

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