Students and alums ‘shaking’ over Mike Pence commencement speech before he even says a word

Vice President Mike Pence was recently announced to be delivering the upcoming commencement address at Taylor University in Indiana.

While many would be humbled to have the vice president of the United States address them, some loud snowflakes are not happy with the choice of Pence as speaker. This is despite the fact that they have no idea what Pence will say since he is not scheduled to make the commencement speech until next month — commencement is scheduled for May 18 at the university.

In a tweet announcing the vice president as commencement speaker, Taylor University called Pence a “good friend” to the school for “many years.”

A petition was set up to protest the choice of Pence as speaker. The petition is seeking 5000 signatures and it has received over 3500 as of this writing.

“Inviting Vice President Pence to Taylor University and giving him a coveted platform for his political views makes our alumni, faculty, staff and current students complicit in the Trump-Pence Administration’s policies, which we believe are not consistent with the Christian ethic of love we hold dear,” reads the petition’s description.

The petition encourages people to contact Taylor University staff with their complaints about Pence.

“I’m a husband of a Taylor alum and suggest that if Taylor is looking for a Hossier Christian politician for the commencement they might consider inviting Pete Buttigieg,” wrote one signer. Buttigieg recently announced his decision to run for president and he is currently a mayor in South Bend, Indiana.

“Grandmother of FOUR TU graduates. If you invite this bigot I’m through making tuition payments for the rest of the family,” commented another “protestor” on the petition.

Yet another wrote that they were “ashamed” to be an alumni of Taylor Univeristy all because Pence was invited to speak.

‘I am physically shaking…I feel personally attacked,” one grad said.

Not every Taylor alumni is so offended by a speech they haven’t heard a word of yet.

Kevin Holtsberry appeared on “Fox & Friends” on Monday morning to say he was glad to see his university had not pulled Pence’s invitation because of partisan complaints.

“I was very nervous initially that the very vocal overwhelming minority might sort of sway Taylor to take a different stance so I’m very glad they’re taking that solid stance,” Holtsberry said. “The vice president has very orthodox Christian beliefs – very traditional beliefs – that a vast majority of Christians believe. His political views are shared by a large section of America, so it’s not a radical choice, and I think people should be able to engage and disagree with his views and do it in a mature fashion.”

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