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Chinese woman at Mar-a-Lago had hidden camera device, bundles of cash in hotel room

Investigators told a judge on Monday that when they searched the hotel room of 33-year-old Yujing Zhang, who had talked her way into Mar-a-Lago a week ago, […]

Tom Fitton: FBI spying on Trump is the worst corruption scandal in American history

Tom Fitton of Judicial Watch said Monday that the “Spygate” scandal involving the FBI spying on the Trump campaign and the president’s administration is “the worst corruption […]

Felicity Huffman says daughter didn’t know she paid someone to take the SAT for her

Fourteen people, including actress Felicity Huffman, have said they’ll plead guilty in the college admissions cheating scandal, according to documents filed Monday in federal court in Boston. […]

Meghan McCain dumps on Lou Dobbs and Laura Ingraham for dictating Trump policy

The ladies on ABC’s “The View” were discussing Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen abrupt resignation on Sunday amid a crisis on the southern border, where Border Patrol has […]

Alec Baldwin teases a possible run for president. Aims and fires at Trump, misses and hits Hillary.

Alec Baldwin was roasted for his inadvertent, but hilarious, burn of Hillary Clinton after he pitched the idea of running against President Trump in a 2020 election […]

Radical Stacey Abrams calls Georgia’s pro-life fetal heartbeat bill ‘evil,’ ‘abominable,’ ‘bad for business’

The specter of what the future holds is terrifying if radical leftist candidates like Stacey Abrams seize control of the federal government anytime soon. Abrams, the 2018 […]

MSNBC pivots from collusion-delusion to comparing Trump presidency to Jim Crow era

MSNBC has moved on from the collusion-delusion and is suddenly peddling a new tale: that America under President Donald Trump is just like the Jim Crow era, […]

Former Obama border patrol chief says Nielsen’s exit will ‘jump start’ DHS

Nick Givas, DCNF Former Border Patrol Chief Mark Morgan claimed Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen’s exit will “jump start” the Department of Homeland Security, during a Monday interview on […]

Top House Republican wants Robert Mueller to testify ‘immediately’

Chuck Ross, DCNF The top Republican on the House Judiciary Committee is calling on the panel’s chairman, Democratic New York Rep. Jerry Nadler, to “immediately” invite Special […]

Mike Huckabee responds to Stacey Abrams’ claims about ‘evil’ Georgia heartbeat bill

Nick Givas, DCNF Former Arkansas GOP Gov. Mike Huckabee responded to Democrat Stacey Abrams’ claims about Georgia’s heartbeat bill Monday, and called her comments “disgusting.” Abrams appeared […]

Mexican woman accosted by ‘psycho’ leftist in post office comes forward: ‘I will NEVER back down!’

The Mexican woman who was accosted by a “psycho” Trump-hating liberal bully for wearing a “Make America Great Again” hat has come forward and she’s every bit the […]

Kim Foxx plays victim, hints at race being a factor in critics motives against her: ‘This is personal’

Cook County State’s Attorney Kim Foxx wondered aloud about the motive for the calls for her to resign in the wake of the Jussie Smollett case. The embattled […]

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