Mika appears dejected when Joe talks over her sudden story of ‘unbelievably inappropriate’ hug from Trump

MSNBC’s Mika Brzezinski was so dismayed over President Donald Trump sharing an online video spoofing former Vice President Joe Biden apologizing for inappropriate behavior that she all […]

Trump doubles down, threatens 25% tariff on cars from Mexico!

President Donald Trump reiterated his threat to put tariffs on all cars made in Mexico on Friday morning, saying the tariff will be a whopping 25 percent. […]

Dem Judiciary Chair Nadler will reportedly deliver secret briefings on Trump investigations to far-left mega donors

House Judiciary Committee chairman Jerrold Nadler is reportedly planning to brief wealthy donors of a radical left group on investigations into President Donald Trump. In secret. The New […]

‘Why are you lying?’ AOC’s latest anti-capitalism diatribe trampled by March jobs report

Perhaps Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez should check the dictionary definition of the word “flat.” The New York Democrat announced Thursday that “wages are flat” in her ongoing condemnation […]

Elderly Trump-supporter berated at Starbucks, called Nazi, gets his turn to speak; reveals what’s under his MAGA hat

A retired 74-year-old California man resident who was harassed and berated at a Starbucks at the start of the month for being an alleged “Nazi” has revealed to […]

‘The View’ gushes over Dem 2020 hopeful when he appears to suggest a $30 or $40 minimum wage

Another Democrat has thrown his hat in the ring, and the ladies on ABC’s “The View,” beginning with co-host Joy Behar, are already gushing over him. Rep. […]

Fox News contributor sets record straight for clueless libs who mocked his tactical vest at border

Fox News contributor Lawrence Jones defended himself against vicious critics who made a mockery of his report from the U.S.-Mexico border. Jones lashed back at the hecklers […]

Tucker sure more than ever ‘AOC moment will pass’ after infantile Instagram rants: ‘Too stupid to continue’

Fox News’ Tucker Carlson is certain Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s “moment” will pass, citing the most logical reason for the observation: “It’s too stupid to continue.” The Bronx nitwit […]

Cut the crud, collusion is a disguise for hatred of Trump

House Democrats are shedding their last vestiges of decency. Robert Mueller’s report did not hand leftists the ammunition they wanted, to clinch their planned, undercover coup d’état […]

Debate rages and all eyes turn to Ecuadorian embassy as gov’t readies to oust Julian Assange in ‘hours to days’

The Ecuadorian government is reportedly preparing to boot WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange from its embassy in London allegedly because of his organization’s coverage of a damaging scandal involving the […]

Possible 2020 Independent candidate Howard Schultz reveals his views on abortion

Evie Fordham, DCNF Possible 2020 candidate Howard Schultz, who has teased a run as an independent for months, said Thursday he does not believe abortion should occur […]

African Catholic cardinal goes rogue, calls mass migration ‘new form of slavery’ that has ‘fatal’ risks

A cardinal of the Catholic Church is condemning the “false” interpretation of the Bible to promote mass migration. The top African cardinal, who has stirred the hornet’s nest before […]