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Mika appears dejected when Joe talks over her sudden story of ‘unbelievably inappropriate’ hug from Trump

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MSNBC’s Mika Brzezinski was so dismayed over President Donald Trump sharing an online video spoofing former Vice President Joe Biden apologizing for inappropriate behavior that she all but declared herself a victim of similar behavior.

…at the hands of President Trump.

The “Morning Joe” crew was ripping on Trump on Friday for saying he understood why the late Barbara Bush didn’t like him, noting that she shouldn’t like him, given what he did to her sons. Trump’s observation came during an interview with the Washington Times, and was equated to an “attack,” which prompted a reference to the president sharing the Biden video.

Co-host Joe Scarborough weighed in to call Trump out for his “hypocrisy.”

“Can you imagine the clips that are going to follow that? The words that are going to be put into the president’s mouth, probably with Billy Bush lurking around the back of his head, and Stormy Daniels and Playboy models,” he said.

“Talk about somebody with boundary issues,” Brzezinski said, before later adding: “It kind of makes me want to share the story about Trump’s unbelievably inappropriate hug in our studio.”

Scarborough briefly acknowledged Brzezinski with a quick “yeah,” before moving right along. Mika muttered, “whatever.”


Scarborough went on to say that Trump “brags about abusing women, physically assaulting women because he was famous,” but it’s lost on the Trump-haters that he talked about doing these things in what amounted to locker room bravado, whereas Biden actually engaged in the behavior now being questioned.

The perplexing thing about Brzezinski’s accusation is that in all the Trump-bashing that happens on the show, this appears to be the first time she’s ever mentioned the alleged incident.

But she has been a steadfast Biden defender amid all the controversy, even going after accusers who … waited until now to tell their stories!

“If you can go on national television and talk about Joe Biden putting his hands on your back and now you’re demanding an apology from him because what he said on Twitter is not enough, you probably could’ve told him in real time,” Brzezinski said on Thursday’s show.

“And he probably would’ve said ‘I’m sorry, I was trying to be nice.’ It probably could’ve been finished right there. C’mon, we’re not snowflakes,” she added.

Or are we, Mika? And did you offer Trump real-time feedback?

In declaring that people have to decide what they get upset about, she said of Biden, “I still hope he gives me a big hug.”

Back to Friday’s show, the MSNBC morning crew decided the nation needs a hug and Joe Biden is just the guy to give it, which pretty much confirms where they stand on his likely candidacy.

“This country needs a hug, a metaphorical hug right now,” Donny Deutsch declared. “There’s this weird irony to this thing about him hugging people.

“But the essence of what’s behind it,” he continued, “Mika, you know him personally, is the genuineness of what a hug is and let’s not lose sight — that’s what this country needs right now, not an invasion of space but a heartfelt hug.”

Unless it’s Trump giving the hug, apparently.

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