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‘Unplanned’ now has more Twitter followers than Planned Parenthood

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The movie “Unplanned” now has more Twitter followers than Planned Parenthood, Abby Johnson, whose story is told in the movie, announced Monday afternoon.

As of just before 3 p.m. on Monday, the “Unplanned” Twitter account had 266.8K followers while the Planned Parenthood Twitter account had just 255.5K followers.

The Twitter account for “Uplanned” was started in August of 2018, while Planned Parenthood’s Twitter account has been in existence since November of 2011, almost seven years earlier.

Johnson’s gleeful announcement follows a wave of questions, complaints and denunciations from pro-lifers Sunday evening and Monday morning who’d tried to follow the movie’s account on Twitter but were immediately kicked off, with many of them posting screenshots and screenshot videos showing how they’d clicked ‘follow’ again and again, but when they scrolled back up, saw that they had ‘unfollowed.’

One person recorded that the number of followers for “Unplanned” had, within minutes, dropped from over 200,000 to just 8,900 followers.

“Very shady Twitter!” she tweeted.

The trouble started Sunday evening, not long after Johnson announced on Twitter that she wanted to reach out to all of the new followers to share information about her ministry.

A couple of hours later, Johnson posted screen shots showing that the Twitter account for “Unplanned” had suddenly lost almost all of its followers, dropping from well over 100,000 followers to just 261.

“What’s going on @jack?” she wrote, directly tweeting to Jack Dorsey, the co-founder and CEO of Twitter.

A flurry of supporters responded, complaining that strange things were happening on Twitter, making it impossible for them to follow the “Unplanned” account or immediately kicked them off as followers.

“Unplanned” opened in theaters on March 29, and reportedly grossed more than $6 million in its first weekend.


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