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‘You were at my wedding, Denise’ fun looks more like drunken hell reception after brutal new Twitter spat

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The progressive hierarchy of victim-hood is not so complicated that it’s unclear that race and sexual orientation trump gender, and that when it comes to conservatives, they fail to make the pecking order at all.

If there’s a lesson to be learned in an online brouhaha Saturday night that included elitist conservative thought leaders, it is to not speak about a homosexual’s desire for the male anatomy — and that brutal honesty is not a virtue, as President Donald Trump has already learned.

In what has evolved into a drunken, out-of-control wedding reception, Denise McAllister can now call herself a former contributor to The Federalist following some adventurous commentary Saturday night. This coming on the heels of last week’s jousting with The View’s Meghan McCain, which resulted in a meme-fest when McCain reacted to perceived criticism from McAllister by tweeting: “[Y]ou were at my wedding Denise.”

McAllister posted an innocuous tweet Saturday night that would provoke the effeminate left, to include journalist Yashar Ali, who is apparently gay.

Consistent with the left’s assault on masculinity, Ali is worried about how McAllister’s is being treated by her husband — based on one tweet.

Never mind that this is condescending as hell, given that an intelligent woman is more than capable of assessing the parameters of her relationship with a man.

McAllister took great exception to the tweet and engaged in a counter that was a little too frank and it ultimately resulted in The Federalist — which was founded by McCain’s husband — dropping her as a contributor.

Tweets were flying in all directs, too many to lay out, but they included these from McAllister:




McAllister was trying to say that it’s okay to give a man a little space to be a man, but she trampled all over her message.


Singer Kaya Jones, formerly of the Pussycat Dolls, was pushing a similar message Friday, insisting that Hollywood doesn’t respect straight women who love men.

“I don’t see strong male characters anymore. I don’t see gentle loving kind women anymore,” she said in a tweet. I see bitchy women hating men and men who aren’t interested. And that’s the truth!”

The calls for shunning McAllister were already being bandied about, even from people on the right.

When S.E. Cupp, a woke conservative — see progressive — responded to one brutally honest reply from McAllister, calling her a “raging homophobe,” you know the political narrative has been set.

Refusing to back down… or step outside for a breath of fresh air, McAllister shot back:



Not long after this reply, McAllister tweeted:


Followed by a tweet saying that The Daily Wire’s Ben Shapiro told her that she is “no longer welcome.”


Shortly thereafter, McCain’s husband, Ben Domenech, weighed in to inform Twitter that McAllister was no longer writing for The Federalist.

You have to give her credit though, she didn’t go down without a fight. But referencing Judeo-Christian values and God’s design in post-Obama America will get you branded a hate group.



Tom Tillison


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