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Colorado’s Dem governor widely ridiculed after unveiling state’s new logo

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Colorado Gov. Jared Polis was widely mocked on social media after he unveiled a new image of the state’s logo which many panned as a “vanity project” costing taxpayers.

“We want to provide a fresh representation of the state brand,” the Democrat said during a press conference on Tuesday as he sported a cap with the new logo.

“The tree represents Colorado’s natural resources and spirit,” Polis said of the logo with a multicolored “C” next to an evergreen tree.

“The red symbolizes Colorado’s red soil and rocks,” he explained. “Yellow represents the state’s abundant sunshine and wheat of the Great Plains. Our dual peaks represent the many mountains in our state. And our rich blue base represents water, which is absolutely critical to our state.”

The new image “better reflects our whole state — really is consistent with our goal of having a Colorado for all,” Polis, the first openly gay man to be elected a U.S. governor, said while insisting that the change would come at no cost to taxpayers since he only used “internal resources” and would phase it in over time.

“So when business cards, people run out, the new ones will have the new logo,” Polis said.

The last redesign of the state logo in 2013, under former Democratic Gov. John Hickenlooper, cost about $2.4 million and was mocked for its likeness to a carbon monoxide warning label.

(Image: screenshot)

Polis, a five-term congressman and technology entrepreneur who defeated GOP state Treasurer Walker Stapleton for the seat in October, was slammed on social media following his announcement.

Polis ignited some criticism for the moment he put on the cap with the logo during the press conference.


Twitter users continued to weigh in on the changed logo, and many were just not happy.

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