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Van Jones: We have to let ‘heartbroken’ Dems ‘grieve’ over Trump being exonerated, facing ‘sadness, disappointment and disorientation’

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Van Jones thinks Democrats are the victims in special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation and says they need time to “grieve” over the report’s findings.

The CNN political commentator and former Obama environmental adviser spoke with colleague Don Lemon about Mueller’s conclusion that there was no collusion between Russia and President Donald Trump’s election campaign in 2016.

“There’s an honest level of sadness and disappointment and disorientation among progressives and Democrats and I think it goes deeper than just what’s in the report,” Jones said.

He acknowledged that it was “good” that the president of the United States was “not up-to-no-good” with the Russians, but noted that people are still “confused” by the outcome, since liberals were expectant that the Mueller probe would end with Trump’s downfall.

Jones told Lemon people are going to be “heartbroken” that Trump will seemingly continue to do what he does without facing consequences. Jones was caught in an undercover Project Veritas video in 2017 admitting that “the Russia thing” was a “nothing burger.”

He contended that people need to have a chance “to be sad about that” and to “grieve about that” but argued that Democrats have to “get back to work on real issues because this whole thing has taken up too much time.”

GOP strategist Alice Stewart agreed, saying Jones “hit the nail on the head.”

“Democrats are so hell-bent on being anti-Trump that they’re becoming anti-American on this,” the former Ted Cruz communications director said. “If Democrats are going to continue this line of questioning the integrity of Mueller, who went from hero to zero in the span of 24 hours, instead of focusing on 2020 and what the Democratic voters want, it’s going to be not a good outcome for them in 2020.”

Jones declared that he had not heard Democrats say anything negative about Mueller and that they were accepting the process, or else they would “be out there protesting and rioting.” This despite the fact that House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerry Nadler announced Sunday that the report did not exonerate Trump.

But Jones acknowledged that he agreed with Stewart’s point that Democrats “hopping up and down on this Mueller pogo stick has been a huge distraction,” as he claims he has been warning for two years.

Twitter users weighed in on Jones’ analysis.

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