Graham fires off ominous reply to bizarre tweet from disgraced Jim Comey after Trump vindication

With Attorney General William Barr delivering the news on Sunday that the special counsel’s Russia investigation did not find evidence that President Donald Trump or members of his campaign conspired with Russians to influence the 2016 election, nor did they find sufficient evidence that Trump obstructed justice, disgraced former FBI director James Comey injected himself into the picture.

The trouble is, Comey’s bizarre gesture caught the attention of Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee — who shared similar thoughts.

Taking to Twitter Sunday afternoon, Comey, who leaked private conversations he had with the president to prompt the special counsel that came up empty, shared a photo of himself standing in the woods looking up at the many tall trees surrounding him.

“So many questions,” tweeted Comey.

The offering prompted this ominous reply from Graham: “Could not agree more. See you soon.”

President Donald Trump wasted little time taking to social media to tout the good news.

“No Collusion, No Obstruction, Complete and Total EXONERATION,” he tweeted. “KEEP AMERICA GREAT!

“It’s a shame that our country has had to go through this. To be honest, it’s a shame that your president has had to go through this,” Trump said.

The New York Times reported that the FBI, under Comey’s deputy director Andrew McCabe, opened a probe into whether Trump, as president of the United States, was working on behalf of Russia days after the president fired Comey — McCabe would later be fired himself.

Agents and senior F.B.I. officials — at the bureau that featured top agents texting about insurance policies against a Trump presidency — “had grown suspicious of Mr. Trump’s ties to Russia during the 2016 campaign,” the paper reported in January.

The investigation would soon be picked up by Robert Mueller when he was appointed a special counsel.

When asked by The Hill for clarification of his hint of further questioning of Comey, Graham pointed the online political news site to a letter from Graham to Barr about investigating a FISA warrant obtained on ex-Trump campaign adviser Carter Page, which allowed for the surveillance of the Trump campaign.

The letter expressed concerns about “potential abuse of the FISA and investigation  initiative process with regard to Carter Page and others associated with the Trump campaign.”

At the center of that effort is the largely discredited dossier, which was compiled by former British intelligence agent Christopher Steele and funded by the Hillary Clinton campaign — a fact the Justice Department failed to disclose to the court in obtaining the warrant.

Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein signed off on the FISA application renewals.

And, yes, there are many questions:

Comey appears to like drawing attention to himself and Sunday’s tweet accomplished just that. His need to be in the limelight clearly outweighs the high risk of ridicule.

Here’s a sampling of responses from Twitter:

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