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Speaker Pelosi vows to reject classified DOJ briefings on Mueller report findings

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With Special Counsel Robert Mueller having finally wrapped up his investigation of collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia without a single indictment related to the initial charge, Democrats are hoping against hope there’s something in the details of the probe to hang President Donald Trump — metaphorically speaking, of course.

Thus the calls for transparency in releasing the full report to the public — which the Trump White House has also called for.

In the hope there may be yet another act in the Russia collusion political theater, Speaker Nancy Pelosi reportedly told members of the Democratic Party that she will reject any efforts by the Department of Justice to brief congressional leadership in a classified setting on the findings of the Mueller probe.

Pelosi held a Saturday afternoon conference call with about 120 members of the party and said they will insist that the confidential report given to Attorney General William Barr on Friday be released to the public, The Hill reported.

“The takeaway from this call is that the American [people] deserve the truth,” she said, according to a person on the call. “Transparency is the order of the day.”

The speaker echoed that sentiment in a tweet linking to a Politico article, breaking out a hashtag in the process.

“The American people deserve the truth. AG Barr must #ReleaseTheReport & allow the facts to be known!” she tweeted.

Democrats also want any and all underlying documents released, which is sure to provide fodder for the ongoing, redundant investigations of President Trump by the committees they control in the House.

In a memo sent before the call, The Hill reported, Pelosi said, “Congress requires the full report and the underlying documents so that the Committees can proceed with their independent work, including oversight and legislating to address any issues the Mueller report may raise.”

The goal being less about holding Trump accountable for alleged wrongdoing as it may be about trying to tarnish him so thoroughly that he will not be reelected.

And to that end, Pelosi told the Democratic caucus she’ll demand any DOJ briefings be unclassified so lawmakers can speak publicly — see grandstand — on what they learn.

“Right now, we are in the mode wanting to know the truth, wanting the facts so that our chairpersons and members of the committees can take a look into this going forward,” Pelosi said, according to the source on the call.

Either way, they left have their bases covered, as seen with MSNBC’s Joy Reid, who is already talking about a Mueller “cover-up.”

As for social media users, they seem to already know the truth based on the memes flying about:

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