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A legend in his own mind: Brit Hume burns stubborn Bill Kristol over refusal to admit very bad call

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Virulent Trump-hater Bill Kristol would have been better served to have just left well enough alone.

With Special Counsel Robert Mueller having finally wrapped up his investigation of collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia without one indictment related to the initial allegation, Fox News senior political analyst Brit Hume took to Twitter to remind folks of Kristol’s claim in December 2017 that President Trump was trying to shut down the Mueller probe.

“This held up well,” Hume tweeted sarcastically, linking to a Daily Caller article on Kristol’s assertion.

Kristol responded by saying that his accusation “held up fine,” claiming it was only because of his efforts, and that of his friends, in “protecting the investigation” that Mueller was able to bring it to a natural conclusion.

Talk about delusional.

“This held up fine. Trump tried repeatedly to shut down and impede the Russia investigation. I’m proud if my friends and I played even a small part in helping thwart his efforts and those of his allies, and in protecting the investigation and ensuring the integrity of the report,” Kristol tweeted.

But Kristol wasn’t dealing with one of the TDS pals on CNN or MSNBC — not that Hume is hesitant to criticize Trump when he believes the president has it coming.

Sticking to the facts, Hume pointed out that Trump “never” shut down the probe to inform Kristol that his claim “does not hold up.”

He also shared that the Trump White House “cooperated extensively” with Mueller’s team — which gets little to no reporting.

“He bitched about it endlessly, but it was well within his power to shut it down, or order the Justice Dept. to do so. He never did,” Hume tweeted. “Moreover, his White House cooperated extensively with the Mueller investigation. So no, the shut-it-down claim does not hold up.”

Hume would later take note of the feed to a since-deleted tweet from former Weekly Standard writer Jay Cost about Kristol “dragging down the magazine’s reputation.”

Kristol announced in December 2018 that The Weekly Standard was shutting down.

As for the response online, if there was a recurring theme when it comes to Bill Kristol it would center around “bitter” and “ridiculous.”

Here’s a sampling of responses from Twitter:


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