Spanx just trademarked the ‘Comfort Crack’ for new undergarment. Folks think they’ve lost their everlovin’ minds.

It’s not just the latest body shapewear being offered by Spanx that is getting social media pushback, it’s the term the company chose to trademark in marketing the odd undergarment.

The Atlanta, Georgia-based underwear company is now selling the “Suit Your Fancy High-Waisted Thong,” an unusually designed product that ranges in price from $64 to $68, and is touted as “the ultimate shaping solution for when you’re getting glam.”

“What do you get when you cross granny’s stomach-sucking girdle with the cheekiness of a g-string?” the New York Post’s Rachelle Bergstein asked in a report on the “mullet of shapewear.”

“It’s business in the front, bordello in the back,” she wrote.

While the premise of the shapewear had many scratching their heads on social media, another detail was grabbing all the attention.

“The lightweight, shaping fabric offers a flat tummy and smooth sides, while our Comfort Crack™ design ensures 24/7 comfort and no panty lines,” the product’s description read, prompting reaction over the idea that the “Comfort Crack” is a term that Spanx has trademarked.

The brand’s targeted Facebook ads may have sparked a different reaction than Spanx was looking for, according to The Post’s Bergstein.

“Show me a model who’s bigger than a size 0. This is the dumbest ad campaign ever. Way to go jerks,” one person commented.

“You guys, they TRADEMARKED Comfort Crack,” another quipped.

“Excuse my ignorance, but would a plus-size woman not also desire rear control?” one person asked.

“Hmmm, comfort crack,” another added. “Ain’t nothing comforting about something going up your crack!”

Frieda Powers


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