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Charles Barkley has choice words for ‘Jacka**es’ in media who freaked over coach yelling at his players

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CBS commentator Charles Barkley went off on the sports journalist “jacka**es” in the media who had a meltdown over Michigan State coach Tom Izzo yelling at one of his players.

The Basketball Hall of Famer and former NBA star defended Izzo during Friday’s CBS pregame studio program, reacting to the outcry over one of his “favorite coaches” blowing up on Aaron Henry in Thursday’s game against Bradley University.

“One of the reasons Tom Izzo is one of my favorite coaches, he coaches his team,” Barkley said. “And I was so disappointed to hear all these jacka**es on other networks complaining about a coach actually coaching his team.”

Barkley gave a “shout out” to the coach and encouraged him to keep doing what he does so well.

“Coach Izzo, you keep doing your thing. It’s all right for a coach to yell at a player,” he said. “When did we get to the point where every time a coach yells at a player it becomes a national emergency? So shout out to Coach Izzo. Keep doing your thing.”

The coach was slammed after his outburst which many criticized for being excessive.

Izzo addressed the incident after the game.

“What’s wrong with challenging a kid that makes some mistakes?” Izzo said, according to ESPN. “Aaron Henry — trust me — did some things that you can’t do as a starter on a top-five team at the end of your freshman year. They were effort-related. I did get after him. He did respond. He did make a couple of big buckets. He did make some big free throws but that’s not good enough. It’s one-and-done time. The ‘my-bads’ are out the window.”

Henry addressed the moment with reporters, defending his coach who “just wants the best for me.”

An overwhelming number of people agreed with Barkley’s view of Izzo and his coaching. Former Virginia Tech coach Seth Greenberg noted the “special relationship” the coach has with his players.

Georgia coach Tom Crean pointed out that love is a big part of the Michigan State coach’s style.

Many former players as well as fans echoed Barkley’s sentiments.

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